UC Davis Annual Fund Programs

UC Davis Chancellor’s Achievement Awards

To date the Chancellor’s Achievement Awards have provided scholarships to hundreds of students at UC Davis. 

All award recipients are hard-working students who have been nominated by teachers and other members of the campus community for their academic achievements, community works, and dedication often during the first year of their journey at UC Davis. 

These scholarships are often given to students who are the first members of their family to attend college. Each year the Awards are given to between five and eight students from all walks of life. 

Like the Chancellor’s Fellows, listed below, the funding for the Chancellor’s Achievement Awards is supplied by gifts to the UC Davis Annual Fund and allotted to worthy causes at the discretion of the Chancellor. Make a gift now!  

UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellows Awards

The Chancellor’s Fellows Program honors outstanding faculty members early in their careers. Honorees each receive a one-time award of $25,000 to be used for research, teaching or service activities.

Chancellor’s Fellows Award Recipients

Chancellor’s Fellows awards are supported by private contributions to the UC Davis Annual Fund.


Past Award Recipients

  • Tonya Kuhl, associate professor of chemical engineering and materials science
  • Lori Luben, associate professor of physics
  • Simon Sadler, professor of art history
  • Anne Schilling, associate professor of mathematics
  • John Stachowicz, associate professor of evolution and ecology
  • Rosie Woodroffe, associate professor of wildlife, fish and conservation biology
  • Lloyd Knox, associate professor in physics
  • Elizabeth Freeman, assistant professor in English
  • Li Zhang, associate professor in anthropology
  • Sergey Nuzhdin, professor of evolution and ecology
  • Prasad Naik, associate professor of marketing
  • Fred Chong, associate professor of computer science
  • Alan Conley, associate professor of veterinary medicine
  • Rick Robins, associate professor of psychology
  • Catherine Robson, associate professor of English
  • Sharon Strauss, associate professor of evolution and ecology

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