Battling a drought is hard.

All hands are on deck for one of the worst droughts seen in California history. And one of the state’s most effective drought think tank is located right here at UC Davis. The Center of Watershed Sciences is leading the way in critical drought research, analysis, and solutions. Knowledge is power, and the CWS is at the forefront of educating the state on the best ways to manage our water resources.

The CWS is valuable to California water management authorities, and also plays a key role in keeping the public informed. As the drought reaches its fourth consecutive year and state policy makersare taking dramatic measures to address it… residents are feeling the pinch. The CWS’s California Water Blog tackles these complex water issues and presents its latest findings in an accessible, easy-to-follow format. It’s crucial that everyone is on board as California weathers this climate game changer – and the CWS is making sure that we do.

Dealing with the drought is hard– whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or researcher. Helping one of the most important resources for drought research and water conservation by giving… is easy.