________ by Philanthropy.

There are many ways in which philanthropy has inspired, transformed, energized, led and advanced UC Davis.

Through this campaign, called           by philanthropy, we want to show how donations have touched thousands of people and aspects of everyday life at UC Davis and helped make this university such a special place. Here are the stories of some of the UC Davis people, places and things that have been           by philanthropy.

Cole Williams


Freed by philanthropy

Hometown: Davis, Calif.
Major: Genetics and Genomics

When Cole Williams came to UC Davis and received the Beeghly-Merritt Memorial Scholarship scholarship, the Davis native felt, for the first time, he didn’t have to worry so much about working.

Jennifer Youm


A chain of good deeds by philanthropy

Hometown: Sunnyvale, Calif.
Major: Human Development

Youm is studying human development in hopes of becoming an occupational therapist so she can help individuals with disabilities. "Philanthropy, to me, is about selflessness. It's necessary for successful people to offer that stepping stone to others, so our society can grow as a whole together," she said.

Nick Rogness


Validation by philanthropy

Hometown: El Dorado Hills, Calif.
Major: Political Science and Economics

Raised alongside eight siblings, Nick Rogness ’16 always knew paying for college would be a challenge for his family. But as a junior in high school, he remembers being even more concerned that he may not be ready for the academic rigor.

Omar de la Cruz


Advocacy by philanthropy

Hometown: Oakland, Calif.
Major: Law

Fellowship supports law student’s fight for housing equity in San Francisco. At Public Advocates, de la Cruz will work to push forward housing equity policy.

Gina Salinas


Liberated by philanthropy

Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.
Major: Sociology and Ethnic Studies

Cancer survivor Gina Salinas is inspired to live her dreams and, by way of example, encourages her three children to do the same. Salinas’ dreams led her to pursue a degree at UC Davis—a decision that became more tangible when she was awarded the Osher Reentry Scholarship.

Roxana Sierra


Peace by philanthropy

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Major: International Relations

Sierra Roxana was awarded the Ann E. Pitzer Scholarship to study abroad in Switzerland where she had the opportunity to visit the United Nations.

Manetti Shrem Museum


Art education by philanthropy

Through the power of philanthropy, UC Davis is expanding the culture of art education to an entirely new level with the new Manetti Shrem Museum, which will display the university’s legacy of achievements in the arts, and provide a new visual experience for all to enjoy.

King Hall


Upholding the law by philanthropy

UC Davis’ School of Law has risen to national and international prominence in its brief history. To keep up with this growth, King Hall has been renovated and expanded its facilities to include a state of the art courtroom for students to observe and actively engage in law.

UC Davis Coffee Lab


Virtual Reality by philanthropy

UC Davis' W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES) provides state-of-the-art, near real-time imaging technology that enable scientists and emergency planners to respond when disaster hits.

Gallagher Hall


Managing the Future by philanthropy

With so many new technologies and businesses in today’s economy, it is essential that UC Davis students can plan ahead for this dynamic future. Fueling this spirit of entrepreneurship and management is Maurice J. Gallagher Jr., who pledged $10 million to support the establishment of Gallagher Hall.

UC Davis Coffee Lab


Brewed by philanthropy

Coffee is an integral part of student life at UC Davis. The popular “Design of Coffee” introductory chemical engineering teaches everything behind coffee, but this class would not be possible without various donations from companies and individuals to renovate the lab spaces.

Satya Dandekar


Curing HIV by philanthropy

Endowed Dean's Chair of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

For decades, physicians would have been afraid to even utter the phrase “eradicating HIV” because the hope for a cure was so far off, said UC Davis professor Satya Dandekar. But now, Dandekar and a team of researchers are on their way to doing just that.

Tom Tomich


Shaping the agenda for action on sustainability by philanthropy

WK Kellogg Endowed Chair in Sustainable Food Systems

In a field where the need to accelerate knowledge is urgent, Tom Tomich finds that being at the starting line is just as exciting as it is humbling. In fact, he feels that he has the best academic job in the U.S., since he works at one of the world’s leading institutions in agricultural sustainability and, as such, his research has the potential to have a massive effect on how agriculture and the food industry all over the world respond to some of the most pressing issues of our time. 

Arne Ekstrom


Boundless by philanthropy

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Arne Ekstrom studies the way we think when we navigate, and his research—which is covering new ground thanks in part to the Chancellor’s Fellows Award and cutting-edge technology—uses virtual reality to simulate even the most disorienting scenarios, helping to further our understanding of certain health issues.

Randy Dahlgren


Digging up discoveries by philanthropy

Russell L. Rustici Endowed Chair in Rangeland Watershed Sciences

Professor uses endowed chair funds to benefit environment, rangeland communities, and students.

Charles "Chuck" Walker


International human rights by philanthropy

MacArthur Foundation Endowed Chair in International Human Rights

History professor receives a jumpstart to human rights research when named the first MacArthur Foundation Endowed Chair.