Stories 1–10

Noda portrait

The Gift of Music

Even when they were in a Japanese internment camp, Grace and Grant Noda never lost their love of music.

Derek Smith

Setting the Standard

Young alum Derek Smith ’07 is setting the standard of what it means to be a devoted Aggie.

Redenbach and Gelatt

Saved by Education

Cold. Alone. Young. Abused. Homeless. This is how philanthropist Sandi Redenbach’s story begins.


Power of Knowledge

Dolly and David Fiddyment believe a child’s journey to success depends on having great teachers along the way. They should know.

Bradley Bottoms

Giving 100 Percent

Would you donate your entire paycheck to support Aggie scholarships? UC Davis student Bradley Bottoms did.


Structure of Support

The founder of modern trauma surgery has Aggie Pride in his bones.

Montna Family

Promise of Hope

A family’s sorrow of losing loved ones too young is brightened by a promise of hope.

Bruce Edwards

Giving Aggies a Hand

Bruce Edwards ‘60 has delivered a huge win for UC Davis students, both on and off the field.

Les Pue

By Her Side

Les Pue knows all too well the devastating impacts Huntington’s disease can have on families.

Keaton Raphael Memorial

Families Battling Cancer

Keaton Raphael Memorial is devoted to providing hope, strength, and healing to children with cancer.