Stories 11-20

Jim Otto, former Oakland Raiders center

Blocking for a New Team

NFL Hall-of-Famer, Jim Otto, is at the center of a drive of a different kind.

Reza Abbaszadeh

Inspired by Generosity

Entreprenuer Reza Abbaszadeh '86 gives to UC Davis because of the generosity the campus showed him years ago.


Making Strides for Autism

Ten-year old Natalie Vogt raised thousands of dollars for the UC Davis MIND Institute – and the hopes of families everywhere.

Tim Bucher

Driving Innovation

He came with a love of tractors and left UC Davis as an engineer with an entrepreneurial drive.

The Solanki Family

One Shall Continue

The loss of a matriarch inspires a family to speak out against a “silent killer".

Andrew Barkett

Big Bang!

At just 32 years-old, Andrew Barkett MBA ’09 has already made a big bang in the worlds of high-tech and politics, and at UC Davis.

Jerry Lohr

Sustainable Success

“I’m a firm believer that success can only be achieved if you take care of your resources — the earth, people and your community.”

John and Lois Crowe

Cultivating Life's Beauty

Retirees John and Lois Crowe have a passion for cultivating the beautiful, simple things in life.

Mark Champgne

Great Experience

Even after a 32-year career, Mark Champagne continues to help UC Davis student workers.

The Fiddyments

Investing in Our Future

Sacramento business leader Mark Friedman believes UC Davis presents the greatest hope for the region’s prosperity.