Lasting Impact on Winemaking

Louise Rossi

Louise Rossi, the last heir of the Rossi family vineyards.

Louise Rossi dedicated her life to wine growing and continued to oversee her family’s legendary vineyard operations up until her death at the age of 99. Her family’s legacy in winemaking dates back to 1909 when her father worked the ranch into becoming the source of some of California’s finest wines.

Louise, the last remaining Rossi family heir, decided to unite her family’s legacy with UC Davis’ future and help ensure the future of wine growing in the region. In 2007, the Rossi estate donated the proceeds from the sale of the family’s 52-acre ranch in Napa Valley to support UC Davis’ viticulture and enology program and facilities, helping it become the best in the world.

“Throughout her long life, Louise remained passionately committed to the art and business of wine growing, and was fiercely proud of her family ranch’s role in the history of the Napa Valley,” said Elizabeth Leeds, one of Louise Rossi’s longtime friends and co-executor for her estate.

“Louise’s gift has helped build upon UC Davis’ world-class winemaking and grape growing programs while honoring nearly a century of wine growing by her family at the Rossi Ranch.”

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(Content last updated May 31, 2014)