Stories 91-100

Sandy Holman

Sharing Love, Power and Resources

Sandy Holman ‘87 believes caring, optimistic, open-minded people will change the world.

Paul and Nancy Sallaberry

Putting Potential to Work

Aggie family comes together to take UC Davis to the next level.

Students at the Leadership in Engineering Advancement Diversity and Retention (LEADR) Student Center

A Diversity of Ideas

Fueling the future of our planet through a diversity of ideas.

Jessie Ann Owens

Habitat for the Humanities

The humanities at UC Davis address real-world problems.

Lou Montfort

For Love of the Game

Aggie golf’s biggest fan is also a big supporter.

Kate Hurley

Helping Animals and Veterinary Health Thrive

Support from the Koret Foundation helps the School of Veterinary Medicine save lives throughout the community, nation and world.

Ernest Tschannen

An Eye for Giving

Ernest Tschannen has a vision to help UC Davis Eye Center serve others with glaucoma.

Winston Ko

Pushing the Farthest Horizons

Leadership on the frontier of fundamental discoveries.

Wells Fargo

Investing in the Future

Wells Fargo is partnering with UC Davis to strengthen environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Ramak and Allison Siadatan

Drumming Up Aggie Pride

Ramak and Allison Siadatan drum up Aggie Pride through their giving to UC Davis and volunteerism with the Cal Aggie Alumni Association.