A Diversity of Ideas

Students at the LEADR Student Center

Students studying at The Leadership in Engineering Advancement Diversity and Retention (LEADR) Student Center.

Chevron Corp. believes the future of successful energy development for our planet depends on diversity—of ideas, people, collaborative partnerships and energy sources. That is why they have supported UC Davis.

During The Campaign for UC Davis, Chevron became the major contributor for the Leadership in Engineering Advancement Diversity and Retention (LEADR) Student Center, which supports the retention of engineering students from diverse backgrounds.

“Equipping students with the skills they need to compete in a global marketplace is a critical part of helping them achieve their goals,” said John Watson ’78, Chief Executive Officer of Chevron Corp.

The company also has supported UC Davis efforts to explore emerging energy technologies and biofuel research programs, which are using renewable feedstock and repurpose agricultural waste to generate power. The company also gives to UC Davis’ Next Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways Program (NextSTEPS) to advance sustainable transportation energy, fuels discoveries and help facilitate implementing these technologies into the marketplace.

To advance UC Davis’ efforts in developing and commercializing innovative technologies for more energy-efficient buildings, agricultural practices and transportation, Chevron gave funds to endow a faculty chair position at UC Davis’ Energy Efficiency Center. Currently held by Professor Nicole Woolsey Biggart, the position aims to foster strong collaborative partnerships with state and federal government, as well as with international programs, to promote the impact of the center’s programs on energy efficiency.

“Energy is the life blood for our economy and diverse sources of it are critical to our future,” Biggart said. “Reliance on cheap energy is no longer possible; we need to use our ingenuity to thoughtfully use energy resources.”

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(Content last updated May 31, 2014)