How to Create an Indiegogo Account

How UC Davis Partners Can Create an Indiegogo website

For general information on using crowdfunding for a UC Davis project, see the Crowdfunding page.

Before initiating a crowdfunding project the project must be approved as a viable UC Davis project by a UC Davis department; the department will be responsible for administering the gift fund.  All proceeds from crowdfunding efforts are to be received and deposited by UC Davis Gift Processing and therefore the project will need to have an associated Regents gift fund.

  • For projects with an existing Regents gift fund: Please provide the crowdfunding project name and how it will appear on Indiegogo, the gift fund information, and the departmental business officer contact information.
  • For projects without an existing Regents gift fund: Please email us with your gift fund information and the department business officer contact information.

The approved crowdfunding vendor for UC Davis is Indiegogo. If you are new to Indiegogo and don’t have an account go to the Indiegogo Sign Up page and follow the instructions to create an account.

Once you have an account established click on the UC Davis Partner Page line to create your campaign.

It is important to use this link to properly brand the campaign as UC Davis and ensure the funds raised are directed to UC Davis.

In branding your fundraising campaign, it is important to adhere to UC Davis style guidelines and standards in creating any communications pieces or marketing materials. For more information, please visit the UC Davis Marketing Toolbox.
The Indiegogo sign-up site is fairly self-explanatory, but it is important to note that the successful use of crowdfunding is entirely based on the requestor’s network of contacts, and pushing the project out to that network. It is unlikely that funds will be raised if reliance is placed solely on the fact that the project is on the crowdfunding site. Information, videos, and photos regarding the project are critical to successful fundraising.

To take full advantage of what Indiegogo has to offer, please read their Field Guide.