Biotech business by philanthropy

Veronica Rocha

A professional in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, Veronica Rocha M.B.A. ’18 balances her work with her studies in the Graduate School of Management’s Bay Area Part-Time M.B.A. program. As a recipient of the Dolan scholarship, she feels a deep appreciation both for the financial security and the confidence boost her award provides.

“When I received this scholarship it was as though someone was saying, ‘Hey, I am right here next to you. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered,’” she says.

Established by Eamonn and Kathleen Dolan, the Dolan Family Management Education Award is for M.B.A. students who have overcome a significant personal financial hardship or other obstacle in their lifetime. A UC Davis alumnus, Dolan has served the UC Davis Foundation since 2006, including several terms as chair of the Finance and Investment Committee, member of the Executive Committee, and trustee. He also teaches at the Graduate School of Management.

“It is quite meaningful because right now I'm doing very well,” Rocha says of the award. “I'm in an MBA program that I love. It's so much fun, and the people around me are energetic and we feed off of each other.”

Veronica didn’t always have so much support. In early adulthood, she was homeless. There were days she didn’t know when her next meal would be. Only through a deep belief in herself did Veronica turn her future around, earn her degree, build a career — and, through the generosity of donors, continue on to pursue a graduate education.

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