Students Helping Students

Tara Storm
Tara Storm

When Tara Storm ’15 was a little girl, her mother, Lisa Storm told her something that would change her life.

Lisa detailed the struggles she had to endure as she earned her college degree in the 1980s, being a first-generation college student and having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. She assured Storm that she would always be supported in getting her college education.

Those words not only motivated Storm to do well in school and come to UC Davis, but they also have inspired her to give back and volunteer as an Aggie student.

Storm is the co-director of the student organization called We Are Aggie Pride—a student-led philanthropy program that provides emergency funding to UC Davis students to cover short-term crises that aren’t covered by financial aid. The group has raised more than $70,000 since its founding in 2012 and has provided more than $27,000 in emergency funding to students to cover food, rent and other essential costs.

“There are students out there who just need a little extra help to get by,” said Storm who is also a director at The Pantry at UC Davis—a student-run organization that provides up to three meals or personal items a day for UC Davis students. “Being a part of We Are Aggie Pride is so inspiring and fulfilling. The people we help are always so gracious and thankful. They never ask for a huge amount of money and always say that they will give back to We Are Aggie Pride as soon as they are able so that they can help another student in need. It’s just a reminder of how great the people at UC Davis are.”