About Us

At the Office of Foundation and Corporate Giving, we work closely with our university colleagues to identify exemplary programs and initiatives that advance UC Davis priorities and appeal to the philanthropic interests of local, national and international foundations and corporations.

To achieve this, our office:

  • Promotes the university’s priority programmatic initiatives.
  • Works with UC Davis colleges and units to match promising programs with appropriate funding prospects.
  • Partners with the Office of Research on limited submissions and internal calls for proposals.
  • Manages the ongoing cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of current funders with the capacity to make major investments in the university.
  • Identifies new, prospective investors for strategic partnership development.

To assist UC Davis faculty, staff and development officers with foundation and corporate fundraising-related activities, our office provides:

  • Project and concept development.
  • Foundation and Corporate solicitation strategy development.
  • Preparation of written concept summaries, case statements, letters of inquiry and proposals.
  • Contact with potential external partners when appropriate.
  • Planning and staffing of corporate and foundation campus visits.
  • Cultivation and stewardship activities.

The Office of Foundation and Corporate Giving works closely with our development colleagues in UC Davis’ colleges and units. We encourage you to contact your development officer to discuss your project and other funding possibilities. 

Unit FCG Unit Liasion
UC Davis Health Traci Galbaugh, Jaime Heppler
School of Nursing Traci Galbaugh
College of Biological Sciences Traci Galbaugh
Center of Neuroscience Traci Galbaugh
College of Letters and Science Jenny Bickford - Primary contact for Foundations
Lauren White - Primary contact for Corporations
       - Humanities Jenny Bickford, Lauren White
       - Social Sciences Traci Galbaugh
       - Mathematical and Physical Sciences Jenny Bickford, Lauren White
College of Engineering Tony Hazarian
College of Agricultural & Environmental Science Tony Hazarian - Primary contact corporation
Jenny Bickford - Primary contact foundaiton
       - Human Ecology/Nutrition/Textiles Jenny Bickford, Tony Hazarian
       - Food Science/Viticulture Lauren White
       - Energy/Sustainability/Environment Lauren White, Jaime Heppler
School of Veterinary Medicine Traci Galbaugh, Tony Hazarian
School of Education Jenny Bickford, Jaime Heppler
School of Law Jaime Heppler
Libraries Jenny Bickford, Lauren White
Office of Research Jenny Bickford, Traci Galbaugh
Athletics Tony Hazarian
Graduate School of Management Tony Hazarian
Arboretum Jaime Heppler
Student Affairs Jaime Heppler
Mondavi Jaime Heppler
Graduate Studies Jenny Bickford
Institute of Transportation & EEC Lauren White, Jenny Bickford
Shrem Musem Jaime Heppler, Lauren White
Thematic/Content Experts  
       - Ag Tech Tony Hazarian, Lauren White
       - Big Ideas Shelley Maddex
       - Cybersecurity Tony Hazarian
       - Energy/Sustainability Lauren White, Jaime Heppler
       - Entrepreneurship/Econ Development Shelley Maddex, Lauren White, Jaime Heppler, Tony Hazarian
       - Human Health and Life Science/Neuro Traci Galbaugh
       - Human Rights Jenny Bickford
       - Limited Submissions Jenny Bickford, Traci Galbaugh
       - Microbiome Traci Galbaugh
       - Public Policy Lauren White, Jenny Bickford
       - Sponsorship Jaime Heppler
       - STEM Diversity/Inclusion Shelley Maddex, Tony Hazarian
       - UP3 Shelley Maddex, Lauren White