Partner with UC Davis

Guide for Foundations

Foundations seeking innovation and accountability for their funding will find an enthusiastic partner in UC Davis. Your desire for societal change aligns closely with our faculty, students and programs, and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations is poised to make that match as seamless and deep as possible.

These partnerships with our campus have helped develop solutions to pressing technical and social challenges, critically enriched the excellence of faculty research and teaching, and assisted generations of exceptional students in realizing their full academic potential.

The Office will work with you to explore new opportunities for reaching shared goals, to realize the full potential of existing collaborations, and to ensure timely and informative reporting on and responsive stewardship of foundation support.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Foundation and Corporate Giving by calling 530-754-2088 or email us.

Guide for Corporations

When you connect with UC Davis, you create a competitive advantage for your company and a lasting impact for the community, region and world. UC Davis offers corporations numerous opportunities for collaboration — whether partnering with faculty members in a research program, acquiring access to a new technology, recruiting students, supporting the University’s future, or sending employees to our executive education programs.

The Office of Foundation and Corporate Giving works closely with our colleagues in the Office of Research to provide corporations with comprehensive and strategic partnership opportunities. Contact the Office of Corporate Relations for information on accessing faculty research, student talent, and professional development.

For information on philanthropic partnerships, contact our office by calling 530-752-1282 or email us.