Senior Class Challenge


We challenge you to support your fellow Aggies

The Senior Class Challenge is an opportunity to help UC Davis provide a world-class education that prepares everyone for future success.

UC Davis seniors have a long-standing tradition of giving back to the university and showing their appreciation for their college years in Davis.

The Senior Class Challenge is an annual giving program that encourages and continues this tradition of philanthropy among graduating seniors. Gifts can be allotted to:

  1. Annual Fund
  2. Your college or school
  3. We Are Aggie Pride, an emergency fund for students in a time of need

This year, graduating seniors are asked to give $20.19 or more in honor of their graduation year.

Funds raised through the Senior Class Challenge support many things that enrich the student experience, such as:

  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Research
  • New courses and areas of study
  • Lab and classroom equipment
  • Programs that were meaningful to students during their time at UC Davis

Your Impact

Academic Resources

The Senior Class Challenge gifts historically go to either your college or school, or to the UC Davis Annual Fund. When you give to the UC Davis Annual Fund, your money is automatically routed to where it is needed most on campus.

The Annual Fund and your college or school support numerous important student resources that include:

  • research opportunities and internships
  • high-quality professors and teaching staff who provide groundbreaking new work and true thought-leadership in numerous industries
  • new high-tech laboratory and classroom equipment
  • undergraduate scholarships, student groups, and more
Support Your Fellow Students In Need

If you choose to donate to We Are Aggie Pride, your funds will help provide emergency funding to students to cover food, rent and essentials not covered by other programs or scholarships. 

Give to We Are Aggie Pride