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Featured Project: Hummingbirds Need Help!

Hummingbirds Need Help!

Be a part of supporting faculty research projects at one of top ten public universities in the U.S. through crowdfunding and make a difference for our world.

Crowdfunding is a innovative new opportunity to support UC Davis research initiatives. With crowdfunding, you can join the grassroots online fundraising movement to fund a university researcher's project. Each project is created by university researchers and is sponsored by a crowd of many donors like you—each making an individual contribution at all different levels.

Many researchers rely on funds raised from such campaigns to jump start their next big idea. Crowdfunding allows you to donate online to a specific project and to rally your friends and colleagues to do the same. You can find a number of projects to support based on based on your interests and ambitions.

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Your individual donation of any amount can make a big impact through crowdfunding. To get started, view our list of current projects.

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Read the UC Davis policy on crowdfunding campaigns, and learn how you can create your own.