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The real, lasting change that California demands and everyone deserves

We are a powerhouse in agriculture, veterinary medicine and the health sciences. Yet our impact is so much greater than the sum of our parts. Our greatness has grown to include the lives we reach and enrich, and the sustainable solutions that protect the environment, transform industry and more—from the greater Sacramento region to the global community. As we embark on a momentous campaign to bring a fuller, healthier and more resilient world within reach, we ask you to join us.

2.2B donated 110% of our goal reached

Expect more of every endeavor

The world has come to expect great things from UC Davis. We’re known for bold ideas and daring approaches. However, these endeavors are certainly not arbitrary. They’re inspired by a greater vision for the future and guided by our four campaign pillars.

Sparking Innovation and Creativity

As a hub for thinkers, doers, makers and innovators, we work collaboratively across disciplines and borders to ask bigger questions, explore greater possibilities and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Sustaining Healthier Communities

From clinical outreach to policy-shaping research, UC Davis is deeply committed to reversing climate change, uprooting societal injustices, and removing the barriers that stand between us and a greater future.

Preparing Change Makers

Students are at the center of all we do—driven scholars who dream of a brighter, healthier and more just tomorrow. They expect great things from their educations, and we’re committed to growing as many opportunities for them as possible.

Reimagining Medicine

People are living longer, and health care needs are changing rapidly. UC Davis is driving medical discoveries, technologies and clinical innovations that bring hope and healing to patients and families everywhere.

Expect more from every one of us

“I invite you to join UC Davis in this ambitious campaign. Together, we will redefine expectations for what a great public research university can achieve in partnership with those who share its vision for a better world.

“Your gift will have a powerful impact—inspiring bigger ideas and bolder solutions that build stronger communities, helping people around the world lead healthier and richer lives, and shaping a brighter future for the planet we share.”

—Chancellor Gary S. May

Expect more from every gift

There are more unique ways to give to UC Davis than you might imagine. No matter how much you give or how often, each and every donation to the campaign makes a meaningful, lasting difference. Let’s find an option that works with your life circumstances, your financial goals and your specific philanthropic interests.

Expect more impact in every story

Discover how our donors' generous gifts have impacted a wide variety of fields, changing the course of what’s happening to what can and should be.

Plugged in: Virtual Event Series

Get an insider’s look into the innovative ways our university is making a positive impact on the world. 

Big Ideas are a set of forward-thinking, interdisciplinary programs and projects that confront life’s most unjust conditions and most urgent challenges to create real global change. Supporting the four pillars of the Expect Greater Campaign, the Big Ideas maximize our collective impact as an institution for the greater good of the world.