Impacts of Giving

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Because UC Davis’ reach is so broad, the impacts of philanthropic gifts are vast and diverse. This page is just a sampling of stories that describe how private contributions from alumni and other friends, corporations, foundations and other supporters are furthering UC Davis’ land-grant mission to serve society.

Taken together, these stories weave together in a singular narrative, the one story of the difference that you can make in partnership with UC Davis.

Inspiring Stories

“Aggieculture” Family Builds a UC Davis Legacy

February 10, 2020
At its heart, UC Davis has always been a tightknit community of farmers. The farming families that have been here for generations helped found the quaint town that is now a thriving college city.

Aggies Paying it Forward

November 05, 2019
Karl Gerdes M.S. ’73 Ph.D. ’84 and Pamela Rohrich M.A. ’74 D.V.M. ’83 have always been grateful for the education they received at UC Davis – and so they give back by helping others access the same top-tier education that benefited them.

Volunteer Work Made Possible by philanthropy

June 13, 2019
Miranda Gilbert ’19 treated applying to scholarships like a job throughout her undergraduate years, earning the support that allowed her more time to volunteer and pursue her studies in genetics.  

Reviving Student Activism by philanthropy

June 13, 2019
UC Davis’ inaugural Green Fellows are highlighting student activism at UC Davis through art. Aina Smart Truco ’19 and Christopher Almaraz ’20 received the Green Fellowship last year to fund projects each proposed about past and current activists on campus.

Relieving Financial and Mental Burdens by philanthropy

June 13, 2019
It’s normal for students to feel financial relief thanks to scholarship support from UC Davis donors – but for Robin Nguyen ’19, the Alan Jackman Scholarship offered a lifeline during the most difficult time in his life.