College of Engineering

At UC Davis, our engineers take on the biggest challenges of our time: energy and climate change. Transportation and biomedicine. Agricultural technology and space exploration. Here, we connect people and technology to address society’s most critical issues and to create a sustainable world through socially responsible engineering.

Now we have a bold new vision. It requires innovation across disciplines, with a design-centered outlook and a strategic approach. Above all, it calls for like-minded supporters who share these values to band together, so that we can shape the next generation of engineering leaders and entrepreneurs.

We’re embarking on a mission to engineer a better tomorrow. With your help, we can bring a sustainable, healthier and more resilient world within reach.


Funds Donated
$125.6M donated 114% of our goal reached

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Leigh Ann Hartman

Assistant Dean of Development and External Relations


Our Campaign Priorities

Educating the engineers of tomorrow

The field of engineering is evolving at a rapid pace, and it needs professionals who have a broad base of knowledge, a deep understanding of cultural issues and advanced skills in critical thinking. Through cross-disciplinary partnerships with their peers and professors, our students will go on to transform industries as diverse as biomedicine, space exploration and many others. Our driving vision is an educational atmosphere where every engineering student has the resources they need to achieve their greatest potential.

Your investment can contribute to so many initiatives: mentoring and career-enrichment programs, our Student Startup Center, extracurricular clubs, student design projects, travel awards, scholarships, fellowships and more. With your support, we can recruit the best and brightest minds, and assist them in their journey to becoming compassionate, entrepreneurial engineers.

Creating spaces for collaboration and exploration

The spaces where we teach and work are key to the discoveries we make and developments we create. In engineering, more than perhaps any other field, we rely on state-of-the-art tools and environments that promote collaboration and exploration. 

Spaces like our Diane Bryant Engineering Student Design Center are crucial to this mission. The Diane Bryant Engineering Student Design Center provides manufacturing equipment and a flexible environment for student teams and research groups to pursue projects like heavy-lift aircrafts, small off-road vehicles and more. Another example is our Coffee Center, a first-of-its-kind research initiative devoted to addressing the needs and challenges of the coffee industry. The center brings together more than 35 faculty members from many different disciplines—including engineering—to accelerate the pace and amplify the impact of coffee science. 

Environments and equipment like these are a central part of the engineering experience. When you invest in these resources, we can create a world-class atmosphere that matches the exceptional quality of our education. 

Elevating faculty research and expertise

Whether they’re protecting our planet’s most vital resources or visualizing vast oceans of data, our expert faculty are responsible for major research breakthroughs that have the power to change the world as we know it. These distinguished scholars were drawn to UC Davis for our commitment to innovation and for our important contributions to technical knowledge and societal well-being. By elevating and expanding our research offerings, we will attract even more top talent and give them the resources they need to thrive.

With your gift toward interdisciplinary research, endowed professorships and chairs, and internationally recognized seminar series, we can continue to be a place where the most brilliant minds in engineering come to do the most important work of their lives—and ours.

Gaining the freedom to react to urgent needs

When a sudden need arises, it’s crucial for us to adapt and act quickly. Unrestricted funds give us the flexibility to address emerging issues and solve immediate needs—like developing a portable breath sensor that can predict the severity of COVID-19 cases, or creating a better way to implement remote teaching.

At their core, engineers are problem solvers. When we have the financial support to nimbly respond to new opportunities and needs, we can address today’s most pressing challenges in real, tangible ways.