Graduate Studies

At UC Davis, we go beyond the expected to make groundbreaking discoveries that change life as we know it. Our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are the engines of this progress, and their success is at the heart of our preeminence as a top-tier research institution.

In our libraries, laboratories and lecture halls, these dedicated individuals engage in rigorous interdisciplinary work that forges new paths in research, drives our local and state economies, and facilitates a powerful education for undergraduates.

Now, we are pursuing a bold vision: one where every graduate student and postdoctoral scholar can afford a world-class education. Where every future leader has access to a rich variety of resources for research mentorship and professional development. And where every scholar can find their home in an inclusive community of faculty, alumni and other peers.

With your support, we can realize this vision and make our graduate programs even greater.

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Our Campaign Priorities



Recruiting the best and brightest—and freeing them to pursue innovative research

Fellowships are critical to recruiting and retaining top graduate candidates from all over the world. They’re also a vital tool in increasing social and economic mobility and reducing student debt, opening doors for promising scholars from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Because UC Davis is a comprehensive public research university in the nation’s most populous and diverse state, we are in a unique position to make graduate education a possibility for a large sector of the population.

With your support for fellowships, scholarships and grants, we can create a future where such an education is affordable for every qualified scholar.

Preparing graduate students for successful careers

While traditional graduate education has focused on preparing students for faculty positions, many of today’s alumni are entering jobs outside of academia. To ensure their success in a professional setting, students need to be equipped with strong skills in communication, strategic planning and leadership.

Our GradPathways Institute for Professional Development is a national leader in this realm, offering programs that ensure hands-on learning opportunities, experiences that allow students to explore different career paths and tools that help them plan for careers in humanities and social sciences.

GradPathways holds the promise of shaping the national conversation about post-academic careers, preparing graduate students to solve problems and effect change in a multitude of industries. Your support can help us see that promise to completion.

Strengthening the graduate community and expanding interdisciplinary programs

No matter their discipline, graduate students have a unique collection of needs that sets them apart from their undergraduate counterparts. That’s why they need a place they can call their own: a hub for professional development resources and student services, and spaces for seminars and collaborations.

To that end, the Graduate Center at Historic Walker Hall is designed to promote interdisciplinary interactions, foster entrepreneurship and build community. Fully realized, it will become a core part of our students’ experience, giving them all the resources they need to thrive under one roof.

Naming space within the Graduate Center will leave a legacy that fosters the holistic development of our scholars at UC Davis.

Increasing equitable access to graduate education and career opportunities

Graduate education plays a key role in increasing economic mobility, but opportunities in higher education are often denied to students from underrepresented backgrounds. Due to the rising costs of getting a degree, not all students have the means to go to conferences, join professional development programs or attend schools in cities with high costs of living.

Time, mentorship and resources are all vital components to bridging this gap. We strongly believe that no circumstance, situation or background should hinder the most qualified students from achieving their full potential at UC Davis. Together, we can pave the way for promising scholars from all over the world.

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