Office of Research

As a public land grant university, research has always been a critical part of the UC Davis mission. Since our founding, we have tackled some of the most challenging issues of our time, making important discoveries in areas like food, water, health, society, energy and the environment. From life-saving cancer treatments to clean energy breakthroughs, our researchers work collaboratively to spur bold and creative solutions that improve the quality of life in California and throughout the world.

Now, we have an opportunity to go beyond the expected to gain new ground in both long-held and emerging challenges. Building on our success, we will accelerate our momentum and cement our status as a top-tier research powerhouse, advancing work that will change life as we know it.

An investment in UC Davis research is a gift that will change the world in every sense—making it a better place to live today and well into the future.

UC Davis is already recognized for its greatness in research. With your support, we can become even greater.

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$93.9M donated 94% of our goal reached

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Our Campaign Priorities

Addressing the challenges of global climate change

Of all the challenges we face today, climate change may be the greatest. That’s why, when it comes to research, we take an interdisciplinary approach to creating a more sustainable future.

We have already made significant progress in this area. The One Climate initiative and the Muir Institute facilitate work across disciplines to create entirely new ways of thinking about our environment and our world. At the Energy and Efficiency Institute and the Institute for Transportation Studies, our experts are ushering us into a future powered by clean, renewable energy. And at the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute and Tahoe Environmental Research Center, we address problems that affect our vast global waterways and the social and economic systems that depend on them. 

Uncovering new diseases and responding to pandemics

There has never been a greater need for research that can detect, prevent and develop vaccines for emerging diseases. With extraordinary breadth and depth in infectious disease expertise, UC Davis is uniquely poised to lead the way.

The California National Primate Research Center—one of only seven such centers in the country—plays a pivotal role, partnering with other UC Davis entities to develop effective diagnostic tests and vaccines.

But what good are tests and treatments if they aren’t accessible? That’s an issue our Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) seeks to address. Focused on improving health outcomes and services, CHPR is just one of many ways that UC Davis is committed to ensuring better well-being for all.

Launching research that will make a global impact

Every day, new challenges emerge that change the way we live, work and think about our future. As a top-tier research university, UC Davis is well-positioned to tackle these challenges, making breakthroughs that solve some of the world’s most complex problems and opening up entirely new and exciting research fields.

Now, we are launching four new research centers that build on our unique strengths and provide opportunities for global impact. The Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research (CeDAR), Gene Therapy Center, Global Migration Center, and Perinatal Origins of Disparities Center will give the world deeper understanding of and visionary solutions for some of our most pressing issues, from health care inequalities to the agricultural effects of environmental damage.