100,000th Donor

Tyler Felix '07
Tyler Felix '07

When Tyler Felix ’07 received a call from a familiar 530 prefix, he didn’t realize he was about to become part of UC Davis’ history. By answering the call and making a gift to the UC Davis Annual Fund, Felix became the 100,000th donor to The Campaign for UC Davis.

“I answered to hear a particularly energetic UC Davis undergrad identify herself as calling on behalf of the annual fund. In the past I had politely sent my regrets—that I was between jobs, struggling to make ends meet and would not be able to make a donation. But this day was different,” said Felix, who is Home Depot manager in Roseville. “Since becoming gainfully employed and being able to treat myself to a personal trainer at a nice gym, I decided I certainly had enough disposable income to give back to my beloved alma mater. In the end, it was a simple decision to make: I could now give, so I gave.”

Felix was inspired to give to the Annual Fund in honor of one the most important lessons he took from his undergraduate education: “UC Davis taught me about the ability of folks who may be very different from each other accomplishing amazing things together. What made my experience at the university so special were the world-class institutions and community centers. In addition to providing vital resources to the UC Davis and surrounding communities, these institutions helped make me the person I am today, and to them I am forever grateful.”

Of being the 100,000th donor, Felix said, “While an individual effort may seem insignificant, significant efforts are made of many individuals. More than the dollar amount of my single contribution, I hope my donation inspires more people to give back.”