Advancing Biophysics and Computational Biology

Lin Weaver
Lin Weaver

For Lin Weaver, giving to UC Davis was very personal at first.  In 2006, her late husband was to spend his sabbatical year at the Genome Center doing research in biophysics.  When he passed away suddenly before he could come to UC Davis, Weaver, with her sons, established an endowment in his memory with the College of Biological Sciences, the David L. Weaver Endowed Lecture Series in Biophysics and Computational Biology. 

The appreciative and warm welcome Weaver received from everyone at UC Davis made the process a surprisingly rewarding experience. 

Weaver feels that giving and contributing to UC Davis connect her in a tangible way to the university community.  “I feel valued, included and involved in a way that it is unique to UC Davis. It's an environment where energy, kindness, passion, scientific excellence, innovation and constructive competition coexist in harmony.”

Since then, Weaver has become an invaluable part of the UC Davis community by volunteering her time on the UC Davis Foundation Board and the Dean’s Advisory Council for Biological Sciences, where the campus’ sense of community and unique interdisciplinary initiatives offer her a direct hand in aiding with what she feels are humankind’s biggest challenges: war, hunger, and climate change.

At UC Davis, Weaver says she has found a true home – and the start of a family legacy: “Hopefully my grandchildren will go to UC Davis, and they will see their Granddad’s name at the Genome Center and be inspired by his example.”