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The Tahoe Center for Enviornmental Sciences
The Tahoe Center for Enviornmental Sciences

David and Lucile Packard were philanthropists long before they started the foundation 50 years ago that bears their names. While they were building Hewlett-Packard from a small electronics shop into one of the world’s leading technology companies, they were deeply interested in improving the lives of children and the health of the environment.

They are fulfilling this mission by supporting UC Davis. Through their gifts during The Campaign for UC Davis, the foundation has helped the university’s efforts to develop and promote a low-carbon fuel standard for California, advance nitrogen research related to agricultural sustainability, and run after-school and summer enrichment programs for local youth.  And, in keeping with David Packard’s interest in restoring the health of the planet, the foundation also supports UC Davis’ John Muir Institute for the Environment and the Tahoe Environment Research Center. 

“At the Packard Foundation, we are committed to surfacing what works, reflecting on what we're learning, and using this knowledge to inform action,” said Meera Mani, Director of the Children, Families and Communities program at the Packard Foundation. “We are pleased to have a partner in UC Davis.”