Families Battling Cancer

Family impacted by the Keaton Raphael Memorial
Family impacted by the Keaton Raphael Memorial

Keaton Raphael lost his nine-month battle with neuroblastoma when he was five years old. In his honor, his parents started the Keaton Raphael Memorial and his legacy forever lives on in thousands of children and families.

“Emotionally for me, it helped knowing there was a local group out there that understood what it is like and what it does to a family to have a child diagnosed with cancer. It made me stronger and helped me keep my courage and energy, both physically and emotionally to fight for my son.” said beneficiary Michelle Hopkins.

By partnering with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and hosting local fundraising head shaving events, KRM has provided over $1 million to support cancer research and pediatric care at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.

KRM has also established a Family Navigator Program providing families facing childhood cancer with emotional, educational, and financial resources. Over 15 years the organization has helped more than 1,500 families get the support they need to be able to focus primarily on their children getting well..

“My son Jabril was gifted with a beautiful monogrammed blanket and our family was given $500 to help us out with expenses during this difficult time,” says Jennifer Debrow, mother of pediatric cancer patient who benefited from KRM. “He said the blanket made him feel safe and warm and happy. He thought it was cool, as he said, that total strangers would take the time to make him such an awesome present.”

Cancer targets the entire family and the Keaton Raphael Memorial does too.