True Joy

Dan and Yvonne Webb
Dan and Yvonne Webb

Dan and Yvonne Webb were settling happily into a relaxing retirement of gardening and model railroading when they realized that their true joy remained in helping others – something they wanted to continue doing for as long as possible.

The Webbs had been impressed by the excellence of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine when they brought their own dog in for surgery at UC Davis on the advice of their local veterinarian – all the way from Southern California. Their positive experience lead the Webbs to their next act of aiding others: generously endowing a scholarship fund for veterinary students.

“Meeting and getting to know the recipients has given us so much pleasure – much more than buying a new fancy car or spending money on needless possessions,” Yvonne said, who still has four dogs at home.  “The dedication the students have toward their profession is immeasurable.”

The scholarship fund helps students with an interest in small animal medicine continue to pursue their studies.

“We are having a wonderful time doing what we do,” Yvonne said. “Giving back has made our ‘golden years’ much more golden.”