Reimagining Medicine

Propel the next great breakthroughs in health care

Every day, we learn new things about our health: the vast intricacies of the human body, the environmental factors that affect our well-being, and the unforeseen issues that impact many across populations. At UC Davis, these discoveries propel us to create new technologies and procedures. To rethink how we diagnose, treat and prevent the most complex medical conditions. To develop game-changing interventions that alter the ways we think about wellness, at every stage of life and in every corner of the globe. Now, we have the opportunity to make sure people don’t just live longer—but lead even greater lives.

Veterinary ER expansion brings expert care

Generous donors have helped support new developments throughout the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Center, including the ER/ICU expansion, which is part of a campaign to transform the current teaching hospital into the foremost veterinary facility in the world.

Giving their voice back

Imagine someone with paralysis having their first conversation with a loved one in years. Or imagine them making a simple request—I need my glasses—and the words appearing as text on a screen while spoken out loud by a computer. This life-changing technology is quickly becoming a reality at the UC Davis Neuroprosthetics Lab thanks to a transformative gift that has accelerated research there.

Lighting up cancer and heart disease

Much like a fresh set of eyes, a small pen-shaped device is showing surgeons a more accurate way to treat cancer and heart disease. The device uses new technology developed at UC Davis to scan and illuminate unhealthy tissue in real time so it can be removed.

Preventing the next pandemic

Bringing together experts in animal, human and environmental health, UC Davis has a vision to accelerate how quickly we can predict and respond to outbreaks. Our researchers at the School of Veterinary Medicine have identified multiple Ebola species in bats before any potential spread—a breakthrough with major implications for prevention. As part of the USAID-funded PREDICT Project, the school’s One Health Institute leads a multi-institutional effort in over 30 countries, working to stop global health crises before they start.

Shaping a brighter tomorrow, together

We are ready to lead an exciting new era, with the innovation, expertise and visionary thinking it demands—and which only UC Davis can offer. Together, we will advance the future of our university, our society and all of humanity.

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