Case statements

Universitywide campaign case statement

UC Davis is poised to lead the way, in partnership with donors and friends who share our vision. Together, we can go beyond the expected, to answer the world’s most urgent needs and inspire its most hopeful dreams.

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Find case statements for individual units and programs listed in alphabetical order below.

Health Sciences Development

Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Case Statement | Giving Opportunities | Preparing Future Nursing Scholars and Leaders | Healthy Aging Initiative

Comprehensive Cancer Center
Case Statement

Medical Center
Case Statement

School of Medicine
Case Statement

UC Davis Health One-Sheets:
CARE Project | Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy DepartmentCIRCLE Clinic | Clinical Heath and Well Being Program | Emergency Medicine | Eye Center | Healthy Aging InitiativeInstitute for Regenerative Cures | Neuroscience ProgramsPatient Assistance Support FundRe-Igniting the Spirit of CaringSupporting Medical Student Excellence | Office of Wellness Education

Colleges/Schools/Units and Other Campaign Priorities

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Case Statement | Experiential Learning | Viticulture and Enology | Brewing Program
One-sheets: Environmental and Climate Justice HubThe Fire, Climate Change, Ecosystem and Community InitiativeInspiring Environmental and Climate Activism Through Art InitiativeInstitute of Environment Education InitiativesS3 Carbon Initiative

College of Biological Sciences
Case Statement

College of Engineering
Case Statement | Detailed Case Statement | Diane Bryant Engineering Student Design Center | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Letters and Science
Case Statement
One-sheets: Center for Mind and Brain | Bio Bus Project | Center for Engaged Compassion

Global Affairs
Case Statement

Graduate School of Management
Case Statement

Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
Case Statement
One Sheets: Education | Capital | Programming

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Case Statement | One-sheet

Office of Graduate Studies
Case Statement | One-sheet
One-Sheets: Diversity in Graduate Studies | Envision UC Davis | GradPathways Institute | Graduate Center at Walker Hall | Graduate Fellowships | Guardian Professions Program | McNair Scholars Program

Office of the Provost
Public Scholarship and Engagement | Quarter at Aggie Square

Office of Research
Center for Healthcare Policy and ResearchTahoe Environmental Research Center | Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute

Office of Undergraduate Education
Center for Leadership Learning | University Honors Program | Undergraduate Research Center

School of Education
Case Statement
One-sheets: CANDEL Program | Justice in Education | Transforming Classrooms

School of Law
Case Statement

Student Affairs
Case Statement
One-sheet: Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center

University Library
Case Statement
One-sheets: Activating Student Success via the Library | Library Food and Wine Initiative

Women & Philanthropy

Women & Philanthropy Impact Award

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