Crowdfund UC Davis

Crowdfund UC Davis

You have the opportunity to support UC Davis' legacy of producing leaders and change makers and solving the world's problems through Crowdfund UC Davis, a program that enables students, faculty and staff groups to raise funds for specific projects through a university-sanctioned crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfund UC Davis allows you to be part of a grassroots fundraising movement that enables a variety of campus groups to make projects related to groundbreaking research, student support and public service a reality. You can find a number of projects to support based on your interests and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Visit! A gift of any size makes a difference.

Apply for Crowdfund UC Davis! 

The Crowdfund UC Davis program includes two month-long cohorts each year, in February and October, with the goal of eventually expanding to three times per academic year. Each Crowdfund UC Davis project is required to have or create a fund affiliated with the UC Davis Foundation or UC Davis Regents in order to participate. You'll need to know to find the gift account where the donations will go.

What is a gift account? It is a unique financial account that is set up for the sole purpose of accepting donations for a particular cause. Visit the Crowdfunding Resources tip sheet to learn more about the gift account.

All project teams must submit an application that undergoes thorough review by the Annual and Special Gifts Program (ASGP) and Advancement Services for project viability and legality. If you application is approved, you will be required to attend a training session on crowdfunding. You'll need to know to find the gift account where the donations will go.

Project teams will be responsible for following Crowdfund UC Davis Guidelines, creating a Crowdfund website, and implementing their own email and social media outreach to promote their projects and meet their financial project goals. 

Applications for Crowdfund UC Davis will be accepted in November for the February cohort and in March for the October cohort. For more information, email