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UC Davis is a research powerhouse, taking on some of the greatest challenges of our time. You are invited to this exclusive online event series where you will get an insider’s look into the innovative ways our university is making a positive impact on the world. 

Upcoming Events

Going for Gold: Setting the Standard for Equine Athletes

Wed., Oct. 20, 2021
12 - 1 p.m. PDT

A powerhouse competitor in every Summer Olympic Games since 1912, the U.S. ranks second on the all-time equestrian medal table with 52 medals. Just like elite human athletes, it takes passion, expertise and the most advanced approaches in medicine to keep these sport horses at the top of their game. 
Join us for a behind the scenes look at how the #1 ranked UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine's new Equine Performance and Rehabilitation Center will enable an Olympic-level approach to sport horse health and injury prevention. You will also learn about the unmatched educational opportunities the center provides our veterinary students.


Carrie Finno, D.V.M., Ph.D., A.C.V.I.M.
Professor of Veterinary Genetics,
Gregory L. Ferraro Endowed Director,
Center for Equine Health

Sarah le Jeune, D.V.M., D.A.C.V.S., D.E.C.V.S., D.A.C.V.S.M.R., C.V.A., CertVetChiro
Professor of Equine Surgery, 
Chief of Service, 
Equine Integrative Medicine Service


John Pascoe
B.V.Sc., Ph.D., Diplomate A.C.V.S., Interim Dean & Professor of Surgery 

Past Events

Neuroengineering & Medicine to Benefit Society

Join us as we delve into how scientists and engineers at the UC Davis Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine aim to repair, restore and augment human capacity to benefit society. You will hear from four esteemed faculty members who have been at the forefront of discovery, and of building the foundation of the Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine.

Extraordinary Solutions to COVID-19: The UC Davis Approach

Learn how the UC Davis Genome Center, the School of Veterinary Medicine’s One Health Institute, Healthy Davis Together and UC Davis Health partnered during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring critical resources and testing to the campus and the entire Davis community, helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and facilitate a return to regular life. This collaborative effort between UC Davis and the City of Davis exemplifies what it means to create a healthier community for us all.

Leading the Way: Fighting for Student Basic Needs

Have you ever had to choose between paying rent and buying groceries? Over 40% of students experience low or very low food security and 18% of students experience some form of housing insecurity. These obstacles make it harder for them to achieve their dreams and further their education. In order to reach their full potential at UC Davis, Aggies need to be confident that their basic needs are covered. In this special Plugged In event, you will learn how UC Davis is sustaining a healthier community for students by providing equitable access to the resources they need to thrive.

Living With Fire

We unpack the impact of wildfires on communities and health, natural resources, diversity and the health of our forests. Originally aired April 13, 2021

Building Circular Economies While Fighting Fire

We discuss how UC Davis is thinking differently and reimagining the risk of accumulated fuel into an opportunity for a sustainable integration between our human civilization and the environment. Originally aired April 14, 2021.

Sparking Innovation and Creativity: Human-Centered Design

The UC Davis Department of Design has a very ambitious mission: to change this world for the better. As the only comprehensive design program in the UC system, our faculty and students seek to accomplish this goal in everything they do – from promoting sustainability, to solving real-world problems and addressing inequality in the industry. Join us as we interview three esteemed faculty members and showcase their ground-breaking work in the field. From developing wearable products for people with disabilities or chronic diseases to reimagining shipping containers as housing for lower-income families, the discussion will tackle the broader issues of waste, the human experience and climate change. Event originally aired January 13, 2021

Reimagining Medicine: Breakthroughs in Imaging

Unearthing a hidden cancer, studying the brain to understand schizophrenia, preventing breakdowns in horses, finding ways to image cell-based, gene editing and molecularly targeted therapies and developing new imaging technologies across the lifespan, including the nation’s only total-body PET scanner — UC Davis is doing this and more. At this Plugged In event, you’ll get an insider’s look into how we are using innovative approaches to reimagine the future of imaging in medicine. Event originally aired December 7, 2020.

Preparing Change Makers: Undergraduate Excellence

UC Davis has created a hands-on educational experience that develops the entrepreneurial minded, globally competent, critical thinkers required to be the next generation of great leaders. At this Plugged In event, you will hear from several campus leaders playing an integral role in creating this unparalleled undergraduate experience. Event originally aired October 28, 2020.

Veterinary Medicine and One Health

As the COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed, large-scale health issues between humans, animals and the environment are becoming increasingly intertwined and exigent. UC Davis has been a leader in studying this interconnectedness for decades through its One Health approach. Michael Ziccardi shares riveting examples of how the One Health Institute at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is addressing the challenges of diseases moving from animals to humans. Event originally aired September 2, 2020.

Institute of Transportation Studies and 3 Revolutions

Professor Dan Sperling, the founding director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis dives into your questions surrounding the future of sustainable transportation and the three revolutionary innovations – vehicle automation, electrification, and sharing – and how they provide the potential to radically change the course of our economy and environment. Event originally aired September 9, 2020.

Virtual Innovation Spectacular: 10.10.2020

Watch our campaign launch event showcasing the many ways we are building a future that will be greater than ever imagined!