Faculty & Staff Stewardship Award Program

Celebrating Stewardship and Relationship Building

Award Objective

FSSA LogoA successful fundraising and development program integrates stewardship at every step of the cycle. Stewardship, as it pertains to this award, is a process whereby an organization seeks to be worthy of continued philanthropic support, including the acknowledgment of gifts, donor recognition, the honoring of donor intent, prudent investment of gifts, and the effective and efficient use of funds to further the mission of the organization (AFP Fundraising Directory).

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations and the UC Davis Foundation Board Stewardship Committee proudly recognizes UC Davis faculty and staff who, although their job descriptions may not include donor stewardship, demonstrate excellent results in engaging with and acknowledging our supporters. This award celebrates the important role that faculty and staff play in donor stewardship and relationship-building. 

Please take a moment to consider the notable leadership and efforts of faculty and staff members you know. Tell us about the meaningful ways they are stewarding our friends and helping realize the goals of UC Davis.

The nominee…

  • Demonstrates the impact of a donor’s philanthropy
  • Stewards through activities that are personalized and meaningful to the donor(s)
  • Strengthens the relationship between UC Davis and the donor(s)
  • Shows persistence and commitment to high-quality stewardship efforts
Who May Nominate

Any UC Davis employee, UC Davis Foundation Board Trustee or campus volunteer who is familiar with the individual may nominate.  Individuals may not self-nominate and are not eligible to win more than one award in a five-year period. Development and Alumni Relations employees are not eligible, as this award recognizes employees who work beyond the scope of their job descriptions to steward donors.

Nominators will be recognized by the vice chancellor at a University Development meeting.

Instructions to Nominate

The nominator must…

Questions to Think About While Writing Nomination Statement
  • How has this nominee strengthened the relationship between the donor(s) and UC Davis?
  • How has the nominee successfully communicated the impact of a gift or other support to a donor(s)? In other words, in what ways did the nominee convey, “Because of your support, we were able to . . .”
  • Are the nominee’s stewardship efforts innovative?
  • What are some of the positive outcomes of this faculty/staff member’s excellent stewardship efforts (donor gave another gift, took on a leadership role, connected another supporter to the university, etc.)?

Read about our past winners for inspiration below.

Annual Award Timeline

  • February: Call for Nominations
  • April 13th: Nomination Deadline - DEADLINE EXTENDED
  • May: Winners Notified
  • October: Award Ceremony


Call for Nominations: February Nomination Deadline: April 3rd, Winners Notified: May, Awards Ceremony: October