Sparking Innovation and Creativity

Power the creative possibilities of the future

UC Davis has long been a place where people from diverse fields come together to transform how we live and work. Right now, there’s a need for thinkers, entrepreneurs, doers and makers who can build bridges between disciplines—not only meeting the needs of today, but anticipating the demands of tomorrow, to make life more meaningful, more enjoyable and more equitable for all.

Developing renewable resources from surprising places

Faculty across UC Davis are making breakthroughs in renewable energy that have the potential to power our lives while protecting the planet. Donor support is essential to giving UC Davis experts the resources and freedom to explore high-risk, high-reward endeavors, such as wind turbines with compostable blades and more efficient solar cells.

Advancements in clean energy

Distinguished Professor David Britt grew up on a peanut farm in North Carolina, an experience that inspires groundbreaking research conducted in his chemistry lab today.

$4 million endowment bolsters UC Davis viticulture and enology

The Department of Viticulture and Enology is addressing a number of major threats to the wine industry, including climate change, disease, and scarce water resources. A new endowment for innovation will support the research and education to bring these solutions from the experts to the world’s grape growers and wine makers.

Brewing better coffee

Innovative research is percolating at the UC Davis Coffee Center, the world’s first academic research center focused on advancing coffee production from farm to cup. The donor-funded center brings together experts in food science and technology, economics, chemistry, agriculture and sociology—all with a focus on ethical, sustainable practices to protect the future of this vital commodity.

Innovating for our future

From our morning cups of coffee to our essential health care routines, the daily aspects of our lives are being studied—and improved—by UC Davis graduate students. These scholars are committed to taking the extra step in education and discovery, all while assisting their professors and teaching undergraduates.

Diane Bryant Engineering Student Design Center

The new center slated to open in 2023, will provide an inclusive, supervised space to practice manufacturing and fabrication techniques and include a student start-up center for entrepreneurial ventures. Team projects and real-world applications will add to students’ business acumen, as they develop the collaborative skills and hands-on experience necessary for success. It will also stand as an enduring symbol of donor Diane Bryant’s dedication to diversify the field of engineering.

Shaping a brighter tomorrow, together

We are ready to lead an exciting new era, with the innovation, expertise and visionary thinking it demands—and which only UC Davis can offer. Together, we will advance the future of our university, our society and all of humanity.

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