Parents Fund

A UC Davis family posing for the camera

Each year, thousands of UC Davis parents express their commitment and support of the university by giving to the UC Davis Parents Fund. These contributions enrich the education experience of all UC Davis students by providing flexible funding to support the university overall. Parents Fund contributions are unrestricted, which means they provide the chancellor with an often crucial funding source for emerging opportunities and pressing campus needs.

2016-17 Contributions

Infographic that displays $1,284,247 raised in 2016-17 for the annual fund and parents fund, 77% from California, 6,062 donors from all 50 states, with 35.8% of donors being parents, 19.2% friends, 39.7% alumni, 5.3% other and the most alumni giving graduating in the 1970s.


What does the UC Davis Parents Fund support?

The Parents Fund strives to enrich the student experience by supporting new computer labs, improving facilities and equipment, and providing a safe campus with resources like Safe Rides. 

Chancellor's Fellows Awards

These fellowships provide $25,000 in unrestricted research funding to our early-career faculty members. They are supported by by private contributions to the UC Davis Annual Fund, Parents Fund and the Davis Chancellor's Club. Learn more.

Chancellor's Achievement Awards

Tex Wanubi, a recipient of the UC Davis Chancellor's Achievement AwardThe Chancellor’s Achievement Awards have provided scholarships to hundreds of students. Recipients are nominated for their academic achievement, community work and dedication. These scholarships are often given to students who are the first members of their family to attend college. 

Gifts to the  UC Davis Annual Fund, Parents Fund and Davis Chancellor's Club fund these awards.

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