Impacts of Giving

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Because UC Davis’ reach is so broad, the impacts of philanthropic gifts are vast and diverse. This page is just a sampling of stories that describe how private contributions from alumni and other friends, corporations, foundations and other supporters are furthering UC Davis’ land-grant mission to serve society.

Taken together, these stories weave together in a singular narrative, the one story of the difference that you can make in partnership with UC Davis.

Inspiring Stories


August 25, 2014
Peter Cala believes it’s crucial to help bright young people maximize their full potential and is heavily involved in efforts to nurture junior academics.

Respect and Dignity

August 25, 2014
Albrecht was inspired by the respect and dignity he experience while receiving life-extending cancer treatment at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Unchained Melody

August 25, 2014
Bill and Sharon Dianne Hollingshead believe good things are worth the wait. They both loved their Aggie experiences and credit their education for making their dream careers come true.

Lead by Example

August 25, 2014
Julie Freischlag, M.D. counts advancing philanthropy among her top priorities as the new head of UC Davis Health System – and how better than to lead by example?

Lasting Impact on Winemaking

August 25, 2014
Louise Rossi dedicated her life to wine growing and continued to oversee her family’s legendary vineyard operations up until her death at the age of 99.

Part of the Team

August 25, 2014
Tom ’79 and Karen Quaglia can’t thank UC Davis enough for the impact it has had on their family. Tom and son, Nicholas ’12 are both proud Aggies, and both have careers in their fields of study.

Investing in Entrepreneurship

August 25, 2014
A veteran entrepreneur, Maurice Gallagher Jr. ’71 believes that business success comes from an organization’s ability to be dynamic, strategic and innovative.

A Strategic Vision

August 25, 2014
UC Davis alumna Jacqueline Herbert Beckley ’72 and her husband, Leslie Herzog, are driven by a vision to have a world where food insecurity is not a factor.

Sustainable Collaboration

August 25, 2014
William (Bill) Sullivan ’72 believes that the many of the world’s most pressing issues, such as environmental sustainability and food safety can be solved with innovative technologies and collaborations. 

Investing in Innovation

August 25, 2014
UC Davis parents Mike ’76 and Renee ’76 Child have dedicated their lives to investing in the next generation of innovators.

Hands On Help for Animals

August 25, 2014
Throughout Bernice Barbour’s entire life, she devoted her energy and resources toward making the lives of animals happier and healthier.

Helping Students Say Yes to College

August 25, 2014
Growing up on the Salamis Islands in Greece, Linda Katehi’s life was changed forever when she watched the 1969 Apollo moon landing from her neighbor’s television set.

Growing the UC Davis Community

August 25, 2014
Richard and Joy Dorf's giving has a higher purpose: to encourage the development of promising students and research application. They believe supporting students achieves both.

Advancing Rural Care

August 25, 2014
Thomas Nesbitt ’75, M.D. ’79 is committed to changing disparities using telehealth- a revolutionary technology that uses high-speed data links to connect rural patients with medical experts in urban hospitals.

Packets of Hope

August 25, 2014
The Gates Foundation, which contributes to humanitarian efforts around the world, has joined forces with UC Davis in the fight against malnutrition in developing countries.