International Development Information for Faculty and Staff

International Development takes an engaged constituent relationship one step further by cultivating their passion to match with funding priorities of UC Davis. With culturally diverse constituents outside of the US, International Development facilitates the giving of financial resources and assets to UC Davis with attention to cultural nuances and sensitivities at every step of the process.

We are the “eyes, ears, hands and feet” on the ground overseas for YOUR international parents and alumni.

Entering International Addresses into AIS

Please send any new international addresses or updates to the DEVAR Helpdesk at Due to the complexity of international addresses do not attempt to enter international addresses into AIS yourself.

Alumni/Parent Information Updates

Submit new and updated contact information for alumni and parents through our online Stay Connected Form to update records in AIS.

In the event that the online form is not working, download a fillable PDF and send completed forms to the DEVAR Helpdesk at to enter into AIS.