Chair’s Message

Darryl Goss

UC Davis friends:

As we embark on a new comprehensive fundraising campaign in support of our great university, I feel honored and humbled to serve as the UC Davis Foundation Chair for a multitude of reasons. UC Davis is where I received the education and support I needed to achieve my dreams. UC Davis is also where I met my wife, Lois ’85, and first started planning out the incredible life of leadership and service we’ve shared. And UC Davis is where we are proud to give our philanthropic support to the next generation of Aggies at the forefront of discovery and innovation, making a difference in so many ways.

From the life-changing and life-saving to the inventive and inspiring, UC Davis has a bold vision for the future—and our students, faculty and staff are making that vision a reality. Imagine a world where carbon neutrality is the default, not just a buzzword. Imagine a world where every UC Davis student will build the educational experiences that prepare them for their professional careers—from studying abroad in Thailand to interning at a Silicon Valley startup—without the burden of student debt. Imagine a world where we are able to predict the next global pandemic and stop it in its tracks thanks to our world-leading experts at the One Health Institute.

Now more than ever, a philanthropic investment in UC Davis is an investment in our collective success and well-being. As we find ourselves in unprecedented times—facing complex challenges and situations that look like nothing we’ve ever seen—UC Davis will continue to lead the way, crafting cutting-edge solutions and seizing on opportunities to make life better not just for Californians, but for every citizen of our global community. Working outside traditional boundaries and across a wide array of disciplines, the most diverse and accomplished minds are crafting our future in classrooms, laboratories, health clinics, experimental fields and beyond.

I am honored to be a part of the UC Davis community and this important campaign, and I hope you will be equally inspired to think bigger with us. When we come together in support of UC Davis research, teaching and service, the possibilities for impact are limitless. Your philanthropic partnership can truly help us build a better future, one that is sustainable, healthy and just—not just for some, but for all.

On behalf of the entire university, I invite you to join us in expecting greater. From UC Davis. For the World.

Go Ags!

Darryl Goss ’83

Chair, UC Davis Foundation

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