The UC Davis Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Executive Trustees, made up of UC Davis supporters who are distinguished leaders in their fields. Through their dedicated volunteerism, members of the Board help increase philanthropic support for UC Davis and steward private gifts to the university, furthering UC Davis’ mission and its global impact. The Board works in concert with academic leaders and advancement staff to achieve the Foundation’s goals.

The UC Davis Foundation Board:

  • Advances the mission of UC Davis by promoting philanthropy
  • Oversees the investments and other business operations of the Foundation
  • Offers guidance and advice to university leaders in areas related to philanthropic support and public trust
  • Builds good will and widespread support for UC Davis by knowledgeably representing the university

The Board is made up of elected Executive Trustees, who have voting privileges; Trustees; ex-officio Trustees, who serve on the Board by virtue of their position at UC Davis; and advisors. Elected Trustees serve renewable three-year terms. 

2020-21 UC Davis Foundation Roster

As of June 2020

Executive Trustees 

  • Chair:  Darryl Goss `83
  • Vice Chair:  Cecelia Lakatos Sullivan `83
  • Immediate Past Chair:  Bruce G. West `71, M.S. `73
  • Audit Committee Chair: David J. Loury, `79, Ph.D. `84
  • Audit Committee Vice Chair:  Stephen Meisel
  • Global Campaign Leadership Council Chair:  Deborah J. Neff `76
  • Global Campaign Leadership Council Vice Chair:  Susan Mayer `80
  • Finance and Investment Committee Chair:  May Seeman, M.B.A. `89
  • Finance and Investment Committee Vice Chair:  Marc J. Verissimo `78
  • Nominating and Governance Committee Chair:   Kevin M. Bacon `72
  • Nominating and Governance Committee Vice Chair:  Debby Stegura `79
  • Stewardship Committee Chair Jane Rosenberg `79
  • Stewardship Committee Vice Chair:  Glenys M. Kaye


Andrea Alberini
Independent Primary/Secondary Education Professional

John P. Amos `90
Chief Executive Officer
Vivus Inc.

Kevin M. Bacon `72
Former Vice President/Partner
IBM Business Consulting Services

Bardin E. Bengard `84
Bengard Ranch, Inc.

Caroline Cabias `72
Retired State of CA Career Executive

Davis W. Campbell, M.A. `68
Stuart Foundation

Frederick L. Cannon `78
Director of Research

TK Chiang `87
Doma Capital 

Jeffrey Child `82
Financial Advisor
Oshman Family Office

Daniel A. Corfee `87
Preferred Capital Advisors

Mark Couchman `80
Managing Partner
Silverado Partners

Bruce Edwards `60
Private Investor 

Pam Fair `80
Retired Vice President
San Diego Gas & Electric

James P. Finch `89
Finch Farms

Judith B. Gabor

Karl Gerdes M.S. `73, Ph.D. `74
Retired Engineer/Consultant

Michael Gilson `73
Former Managing Partner
Adrastia Biotech, a Delaware Corporation

Jackson R. Gualco `78
CEO and President
The Gualco Group, Inc.

Darryl Goss `83
Former President 
Sigma-Aldrich SAFC Hitech

Roger Halualani `89, M.B.A. `91
Founder and Principal
Epiphany Partners Inc.

Michael Hurlston `88, M.B.A. `90, M.S. `91
Chief Financial Officer

Rudy Kadlub `71, Ed.D. `72
CEO, Costa Pacific Communities 

Glenys M. Kaye
Retired Accountant 

Barbara J. Kerr
Former Senior Vice President
Applera Corporation 

Roxy Klein
Director and Founder
California Bank of Commerce 

Darrick Lam `87
ACC Senior Services

Margaret Lapiz `89
Under One Roof. Prep Medico.

Eivind Lange, III `77
Paradigm Sports 

James T. Lim, J.D. `98
Managing Director
Oaktree Capital Management

David J. Loury, `79, Ph.D. `84
Retired, Executive Vice President of Toxicology
Pharmacyclics, Inc. 

Jack N. Mariani `69
Mariani Nut Company  

Susan Mayer `80
Marketing Executive 
Mountain Construction, Inc. 

Stephen Meisel

Marcia Messmer
Founder and Owner
Guinea Pig Calendar Company

Deborah J. Neff `76
Evanescent Diagnostic Systems, LLC

Chuck C. Nichols `83 and `84
Nichols Farms

Cathy Raycraft, CRED `74
Roseville Joint Union High School District

Sandra L. Reed, M.D. `85
US Navy 

Edwin F. Rizo `82
Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc.

Jane Rosenberg `79
EJR Properties

Paul Sallaberry `79
Venture Partner
Icon Ventures 

Barbara Schneeman `70
Professor Emeritus
Nutrition Department, UC Davis

May Seeman, M.B.A. `89
Former President and CEO
MEAG New York Corporation 

James N. Seiber, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Environmental Toxicology, UC Davis 

Nancy Shapiro
President, Nancy Shapiro/Metalsmith
Owner/Operator, Research Farm, Seeds of Change Farm

Patrick Sherwood `87
EVP / US Region Head of Global Financial Institutions
Wells Fargo Bank

Debby Stegura `79
Former Attorney at Law

Cecelia Lakatos Sullivan `83
President and CEO
CLS Consultants

Joe P. Tupin, Sr., M.D.
Professor Emeriti
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
UC Davis Medical Center

Brian Underwood, MS `91
Whaleback SBG, LLC

Michael Van Horne, JD `75
Attorney at Law

Marc J. Verissimo `78
Board of Director
Lighter Capital
Silicon Valley Bank

Bruce G. West `71, M.S. `73
Founding Principal
West Yost & Associates, Inc. 

Jay A. Weisbrod `88
Managing Partner
Fairway Independent Mortgage


Jesús Argüelles `02
Director of Investments
The James Irvine Foundation

Craig Dandurand, J.D. `97
Director of Debt and Alternatives
Future Fund Management Agency

Bert Feuss `84
Vice President, Investments
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Parker A. Lee `76
Compass52, LLC

Robert E. Murphy `63
Attorney at Law
Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard

Alan M. Taylor, Ph.D.
Economics Department
UC Davis 

Ex-officio Executive Trustees 

Gary S. May, Ph.D.

Shaun Keister, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor, Development and Alumni Relations
President, UC Davis Foundation 

Paul Prokop
Associate Vice Chancellor, Development
Secretary, UC Davis Foundation 

Tania Walden
Chief Financial Officer
Treasurer, UC Davis Foundation 

Charles Melton `08
President, CAAA Board of Directors 

Richard Tucker, Ph.D
Chair, Academic Senate 

Kelly Ratliff
Vice Chancellor, Finance, Operations and Administration