Foundation Board Committees

Each UC Davis Foundation Trustee serves on one or more of the following five standing committees, which help provide strategic guidance to the university and its mission.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee’s mission is to ensure the Foundation’s sound financial stewardship of funds by annually choosing an independent firm to audit the Foundation and supervising any necessary post-audit activities. Committee responsibilities include selecting a firm of certified independent public accountants to audit the financial statements of the Foundation on an annual basis; reviewing financial statements with the independent accountants prior to recommending the Board’s approval of these statements; appraising the effectiveness of the audit effort; exercising supervision over post-audit activities related to the administration of the Foundation; and conveying to the President and Secretary of the Foundation any instructions necessary to ensure the enforcement of sound accounting and auditing practices, after those instructions have been approved by the Board.

Global Campaign Leadership Council (GCLC)

The Global Campaign Leadership Council’s mission is to support and advocate for advancement across UC Davis. GCLC responsibilities include coordinating with and supporting development programs in UC Davis’ colleges, schools or units, or across the university; assisting in the identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of prospective and current major gift donors to the university; providing advice and counsel to UC Davis professional staff engaged in fundraising; offering insight and advice on trustee and volunteer training; and partnering with the Nominating and Governance Committee to ensure that the Board represents a cross-section of the constituents it serves and from whom it seeks private resources.

Finance and Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee’s mission is to wisely and prudently oversee the Foundation’s financial assets to best serve UC Davis’ priorities. Committee responsibilities include developing and reporting on the UC Davis Foundation’s annual budget; reviewing and monitoring the Foundation’s financial statements, with the help of the Foundation’s investment staff and with the endorsement of the Board; working in concert with Foundation investment staff to develop investment goals and strategies for Foundation funds—including the selection of investment managers and recommendations on payout rates—and presenting these goals and strategies to the Board for approval; supporting Foundation investment staff by reviewing issues of a financial nature, including policies for accepting, administering and monitoring planned gifts and charitable trusts created through the UC Davis Foundation; and assisting the Foundation’s investment staff with the creation of reporting and promotional materials related to planned gifts, charitable trusts and endowments.

Nominating and Governance Committee

The Nominating and Governance Committee’s mission is to engage and recruit a distinguished, diverse and dedicated group of UC Davis supporters to serve as Foundation Trustees. Committee responsibilities include: filling vacancies on the Board of Trustees as they occur; identifying and cultivating prospective Trustees, and enlisting nominated Trustees to serve if elected; helping ensure new Trustees are oriented to the Board’s mission and prepared to carry out their responsibilities as Board members; assisting the Trustees in interfacing with the development programs within UC Davis’ various colleges, schools and units; partnering with the Global Campaign Leadership Council in ensuring the Board represents a cross-section of the constituents it serves and from whom the Board seeks financial resources; and engaging former Trustees in activities throughout UC Davis.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee will monitor, advise and actively support donor stewardship at UC Davis. The purpose is to ensure that all donors experience rewarding interactions with the campus that foster long-term engagement in support of the University. The Committee seeks to promote a culture of stewardship at UC Davis that includes the entire University community (faculty, staff, students, families, alumni and friends).

Objective: To answer the question systematically for our donors “Where did my money go and what good did it do?”