Impacts of Giving

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Because UC Davis’ reach is so broad, the impacts of philanthropic gifts are vast and diverse. This page is just a sampling of stories that describe how private contributions from alumni and other friends, corporations, foundations and other supporters are furthering UC Davis’ land-grant mission to serve society.

Taken together, these stories weave together in a singular narrative, the one story of the difference that you can make in partnership with UC Davis.

Inspiring Stories

Student Leadership by Philanthropy

April 26, 2018
McGaugh hopes to become an educator in urban cities and minority communities, and plans on reforming educational bill and laws.

UC Davis Athletics Gives Back

March 27, 2018
Athletics achieved 100 percent staff and coach giving during UC Davis Give Day 2017.

Ling-Lie Chau

February 02, 2018
Professor emerita of physics, Ling-Lie Chau, has made a planned giving bequest agreement with UC Davis, generously providing $1M to endow a chair in physics through her estate.

Rich Shintaku '79

February 01, 2018
"It is my privilege and responsibility to support others as others have supported me as a first generation college student.”

Joseph A. Farrow

February 01, 2018
"It is an honor and a privilege to work here and be part of this community. So, I thought it was very, very important that I be able to give something back."

Jeri Bigbee

February 01, 2018
“Our dream is for the Jeanette M. Spaulding Memorial Research Fund to serve as a catalyst for the development of active programs of rural nursing research at UC Davis and beyond."

Peter Lee

February 01, 2018
"I hope my gift helps maintain the viability of a public law school committed to serving the public interest.”

Lisa C. Ikemoto

February 01, 2018
"It’s here that I can most easily partner with advocates and policy experts in the “real world.” And, I like contributing in ways that directly benefit our students and programs.”

Chancellor Gary S. May

February 01, 2018
“I give to UC Davis in particular because I share the same values as Davis."

Don Roth and Jolan Friedhoff

February 01, 2018
"If staff and faculty don’t participate, it makes it harder for us to expect those who are not part of our immediate campus family to participate.”

Becky and Stephen Griffey, DVM, PHD ’97

February 01, 2018
"I’m hopeful our contribution will help lessen the financial burden for some by providing a stable source of funding for individuals with broad interests in veterinary pathology."

Heather Hunter '96

February 01, 2018
"By giving to UC Davis, we are supporting the mission of the university, students and our next generation of leaders.”

Kevin Nosek '99

February 01, 2018
"I have seen firsthand the difference that giving can make for a program and department."

Kate Shasky

February 01, 2018
VIDEO: “When I realized I could pick where my money was allocated, where my investment went, I got excited because I could put my investment in to something I cared about deeply, something I wanted to support directly."