Impacts of Giving

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Because UC Davis’ reach is so broad, the impacts of philanthropic gifts are vast and diverse. This page is just a sampling of stories that describe how private contributions from alumni and other friends, corporations, foundations and other supporters are furthering UC Davis’ land-grant mission to serve society.

Taken together, these stories weave together in a singular narrative, the one story of the difference that you can make in partnership with UC Davis.

Inspiring Stories

Full University Experience by philanthropy

May 10, 2018
Zeng pursued golf and rigorous academics at UC Davis. Through the Telephone Outreach Program and her internship with the Development and Alumni Relations, she experienced philanthropy like never before.

Dynamic Learning Environments by philanthropy

May 10, 2018
Betty Irene Moore Hall is a state-of-the-science facility that supports health sciences education at UC Davis, where students are engaged through dynamic learning environments.

Design-Build Projects by philanthropy

May 10, 2018
Landscape architecture students will have an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience with the creation of a fund that supports design-build projects.

Augmented Reality by philanthropy

May 10, 2018
With more than 500 installations on six continents, the UC Davis Augmented Reality, or AR, Sandbox, has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Art Education by philanthropy

May 10, 2018
UC Davis expanded the culture of art education to an entirely new level with the Manetti Shrem Museum through the power of philanthropy.

Music by philanthropy

May 10, 2018
This facility enriches teaching and learning for music students, as well as students from throughout UC Davis who take classes in the building.

Lives Saved by philanthropy

May 10, 2018
Firefighter Richard Reiff is back to work as a helitack firefighter following treatment for burn injuries at UC Davis.

Biotech Business by philanthropy

May 09, 2018
Talented graduate business students like Rocha are fulfilling their career aspirations after overcoming hardships with the help of Eamonn and Kathleen Dolan’s scholarship.

Emergency Care for Animals by philanthropy

May 08, 2018
Morello is appreciative of donors who make it possible for her and her peers to focus on their education and helping animals through field work and volunteering.

Medical Research by philanthropy

May 08, 2018
UC Davis is helping Nguyen achieve her dream by giving her the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, which she believes has benefitted her greatly. Hometown: Cupertino, Calif. Major: Biological Sciences

Uncovering Powerful Stories by philanthropy

May 08, 2018
Han is honored to write inspiring stories for fellow Aggies and the world to read. Being exposed to philanthropy has changed her perspective on the world.

Peer-to-Peer Learning by philanthropy

May 08, 2018
The Chevron Tutoring Center offers in-house tutoring for courses to enhance the learning experience for all students, within the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and beyond.

Finding a Niche by philanthropy

May 04, 2018
Talented and qualified scholars, like Polari, are the major force behind the Olive Center’s successful and world-renowned research program.

Real-World Environmental Solutions by philanthropy

April 27, 2018
Jessoe’s work on energy and water conservation has a direct impact on many communities across California, and she's one of the 12 UC Davis faculty members to be named a 2018 Chancellor’s Fellow.

A Bright Future by philanthropy

April 26, 2018
With two of UC Davis’ most prestigious scholarships under his belt, Sinha is on track to a bright and successful career.