by philanthropy

Blue Bow in front of UC Davis' Manetti Shrem Art Museum signifying the by philanthropy initiative

There are many ways philanthropy has inspired, transformed, energized, led and advanced UC Davis.

Through the "by philanthropy" initiative, the UC Davis Foundation showcases how donations have touched thousands of people and aspects of life at UC Davis and helped the university solve some of the greatest challenges of our time. Below, you will find stories about UC Davis people, places and things that have benefited from the generosity of donors.

These are just a sample of the stories we could tell; share your own using #byphilanthropy.

Volunteer Work Made Possible by philanthropy

June 13, 2019
Miranda Gilbert ’19 treated applying to scholarships like a job throughout her undergraduate years, earning the support that allowed her more time to volunteer and pursue her studies in genetics.  

Reviving Student Activism by philanthropy

June 13, 2019
UC Davis’ inaugural Green Fellows are highlighting student activism at UC Davis through art. Aina Smart Truco ’19 and Christopher Almaraz ’20 received the Green Fellowship last year to fund projects each proposed about past and current activists on campus.

Relieving Financial and Mental Burdens by philanthropy

June 13, 2019
It’s normal for students to feel financial relief thanks to scholarship support from UC Davis donors – but for Robin Nguyen ’19, the Alan Jackman Scholarship offered a lifeline during the most difficult time in his life.

From Poverty to Empowerment by philanthropy

April 22, 2019
It might sound a little cliché to say that one act of kindness can change a life. But for me, this statement could not be truer. I have overcome many hardships, and my path toward higher education was not simple or straightforward.

An Unexpected Path to STEM Education by philanthropy

March 18, 2019
Crystal Lee ’21 always loved math and science –– but during her childhood, these subjects were not a part of her education. She began attending a non-accredited homeschool in fifth grade and did not attend high school. She earned her GED in 2001 when she was 17 years old.

Becoming a Community Leader by philanthropy

February 21, 2019

Hope is a powerful emotion –– it can get us through tough times, it can help us persevere trials and tribulations until we reach our goal. Third-year mechanical engineering student Martin Vega-Martinez ‘20 is the perfect embodiment of what hope, combined with hard work, looks like.