By Philanthropy

There are many ways philanthropy has inspired, transformed, energized, led and advanced UC Davis.

Through the "by philanthropy" initiative, the UC Davis Foundation showcases how donations have touched thousands of people and aspects of life at UC Davis and helped the university solve some of the greatest challenges of our time. Below, you will find stories about UC Davis people, places and things that have benefited from the generosity of donors.

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UC Davis By Philanthropy 2020

Most years in May, we adorn UC Davis with blue bows to celebrate all the work made possible by philanthropy across the university. This year, we're taking the blue bows online to acknowledge the research, teaching and public service powered by the generosity of donors. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of how scholarships are helping our students thrive in this time at home.

By Philanthropy stories

From studies to hobbies, powered by philanthropy

As if the rigors of medical and nursing school aren’t challenging enough, UC Davis Health students are navigating their educations amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In times like this, philanthropy can make an even more profound impact on those affected.

Scholarship students share how philanthropy powers their paths

During times of crisis, philanthropy can make an even more profound impact on those affected. Generous donor support, from sources like emergency funds, endowments and scholarships, is helping power the people and programs of UC Davis through new challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greatness unleashed

Since its first class in 2000, the donor-funded Chancellor’s Fellows program has resulted in remarkable achievements and given students at all levels direct research experience as they participated in projects that were often exploratory or groundbreaking in nature.

A map of philanthropy at UC Davis

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