Employee Giving

Davis As UC It - Employee Giving Program

When you are part of something bigger, giving matters

As a UC Davis employee, you won’t have to look far to find a program at UC Davis or UC Davis Health that is doing meaningful work in such areas as:

  • Social justice and equality;
  • Climate change and the environment;
  • Animal health and welfare;
  • The arts and free expression;
  • Life-changing student programs; and
  • Treatments for some of the most debilitating illnesses of our time.

All of our programs fulfill the university’s mission to make the world a better place. As employees, we are not just integral to that mission, we are immersed in it. Whether it’s the work we do ourselves, or work done by colleagues across both campuses, your support is essential for our success as an institution.

You could give to a program that inspires you every single day. Maybe it’s one that addresses a social or environmental issue you believe in.

You could give to a program you work on because you know exactly how important it is to the people or animals it serves.

You could create a scholarship that honors a family member, or a faculty or staff member who made a difference in your life.

Or, you could give a monthly donation to the Arboretum or the Manetti Shrem Museum because you like to walk through them on your lunch hour.

It just depends on how you see philanthropy, and where you would most like to make an impact.

Help create “Davis as you see it” by showing your support for the things that matter to you.

Davis as UC it. It’s you, and it’s all of us.

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