Employee Giving

Staff meeting

When you are part of something bigger, giving matters

UC Davis is unlike any other employer, because when you work here you become part of the university’s mission to contribute to society. No matter what your job is, you play a role in helping the university address some of the biggest challenges of our day.

If you are passionate about supporting social justice and equality, climate change and the environment, animal health and welfare, the arts and free expression, or curing some of the most debilitating illnesses of our time, you won’t have to look far to find your passion represented somewhere at UC Davis or UC Davis Health. And if you believe in investing in the future, there are plenty of life-changing student programs to support as well.

That is why we ask that, as employees, you think about the impact you can have when supporting a cause you care about on campus or at UC Davis Health. Remember, when you give to UC Davis programs and research, you are contributing to a world-class public research institution at the forefront of many issues we face today.

UC Davis’ remarkable programs and students are both worthy of your support and in need of it. Consider finding your passion here, and let giving to it be part of the difference you make every day.