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The UC Davis Student Foundation (a.k.a. "Aggies Helping Aggies" or "AHA") supports campus programs and resources that improve the UC Davis student experience which is often made possible by philanthropic support from alumni, friends and fellow students.

AHA is comprised of a board of student trustees who primarily raise money for three philanthropic programs that directly benefit undergraduates. The Student Emergency Relief Aid program (SERA) provides immediate financial support to students with urgent challenges like illness, unemployment, threat of eviction, displacement due to wildfires, and more. The Cap & Gown Award provides students with celebratory commencement regalia, which enhances their graduation experience. Lastly, the Senior Class Challenge is an opportunity for students to make donations in support of programs that positively impact their journey to graduation.

While tuition and state support are the primary source of funding for the campus' teaching mission, campus programs and resources that improve the UC Davis student experience are often made possible by philanthropic support from alumni, friends and students. That’s why the UC Davis Student Foundation aims to educate students about philanthropy and the positive, lasting impacts it can have on current and future Aggies. Aggies Helping Aggies collaborates with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations (DEVAR) and the UC Davis Foundation to promote student philanthropy as a powerful, grassroots force for good for the student community.

Meet our student trustees



A group of four UC Davis Student Foundation trustees seated on Vanderhoef Quad engage in conversation. There is a quote graphic above their heads which reads ""Circumstances caused me to take custody of my younger sister. To support both of us, I was going to have to take on a full-time job and drop out of school," said Therek, who now works as a software developer. "Because of SERA, I was able to finish my senior year while providing for my family.""
Donors are making a big impact on programs, research, and students like Therek.


Who benefits from philanthropy?

The Student Emergency Relief Aid (SERA) program provides a one-time award up to $2,000 to current students facing financial challenges, including unexpected medical bills, rent with eviction notices and more. Since 2011, SERA has helped over 310 students through their difficulties.

When you give back to the university, your college or school, or a program that you care about, you join a major force of students and alumni who help UC Davis provide the high-quality education that Aggies like you deserve.

Your gift, no matter the size, can have a tremendous impact on the campus community.

Find your passion at UC Davis

While you are pursuing your academic passion at UC Davis, you can also discover your philanthropic passion.

By giving to programs at UC Davis or UC Davis Health, you can support social justice, equality, climate change and the environment, animal health and welfare, the arts, free expression, or research that will cure some of the most debilitating illnesses.

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