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What is the Student Foundation?

Aggies Helping Aggies - UC Davis Student FoundationOur goal as a UC Davis student organization is to increase awareness and resources for philanthropy on campus, with an emphasis on the impact it has on the community. As the official student philanthropy organization for UC Davis, we collaborate with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations (DEVAR) and the UC Davis Foundation to promote our mission to the UC Davis student body. We foster a culture of philanthropy, and encourage and normalize giving among students.

The Student Foundation runs three programs that directly benefit students.  The Student Emergency Relief Aid program (formerly We Are Aggie Pride), the Bookstore Award and the Cap and Gown award.  Click here to find more information on these programs.

Meet the Board

Who benefits from philanthropy?

Much of the philanthropy we promote is inter-student - the Pantry functions on donations from the community and serves almost 20 percent of the student body by alleviating food insecurity. Aggie Compass addresses basic needs. Buying a ticket to your friend’s Greek Life philanthropy event or a cappella concert supports causes and students. Resources like the Student Emergency Relief Aid and many scholarships are funded by private giving. 

When you give back to the university, your college or school, you join a major force of students and alumni who help UC Davis provide high-quality education to students like you. 

Every gift makes a difference, no matter the size. 

Find your passion at UC Davis

While you are pursuing your academic passion at UC Davis, you can also discover your philanthropic passion! 

By giving to programs at UC Davis, or UC Davis Health, you can support social justice, equality, climate change and the environment, animal health and welfare, the arts, free expression, or research that will cure some of the most debilitating illnesses. 

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