Senior Class Challenge

Support your fellow Aggies

The Senior Class Challenge is an opportunity to leave a legacy that will create a positive impact for future Aggies and campus as a whole.

This year, the UC Davis Student Foundation (a.k.a. Aggies Helping Aggies) is partnering with Aggie Mental Health to support the installation of a public art mural to promote awareness of student mental well-being.

Your Impact

Unfortunately, a growing number of students are struggling with their mental health. Studies via the CARE Project at UC Davis Health show that 40.7 percent of our students report negative impacts of anxiety, and 29.6 percent reported struggling with depression. The same study highlights the benefits of art therapy and how it can help students. A 2018 international survey showed that 84 percent of respondents believe public art enhanced their well-being.

This mural will address the mental well-being of our students while being a beacon of hope, reminding them that they are not alone. Your gift, no matter the size, will have an enormous impact on the lives of students struggling with their mental health.

Why Give

Coming together is what us Aggies do best. Class of 2023, let’s celebrate our time at UC Davis by lending a helping hand to our fellow Aggies in need. If you’re able, please give to the Senior Class Challenge and make the Class of 2023 the most generous yet.

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