Senior Class Challenge


We challenge you to support your fellow Aggies

The Senior Class Challenge is an opportunity to leave a legacy that will create a positive impact for future Aggies and campus as a whole.

This year, Aggies Helping Aggies, the UC Davis Student Foundation, is supporting the UC Davis Library in their effort to get at least 250 Class of 2020 seniors to give $20.20 or more to help pay for a new group study space.

Since 1983, UC Davis seniors have left their mark on the university by supporting the UC Davis Annual Fund, a fund that routes money raised by the university to where it is needed most on campus.

Your Impact

Academic Resources

Group study spaces on campus are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students have to endure long waits, and some never get the opportunity to utilize these wonderful resources.

These spaces are equipped with technology providing students the ability to collaborate and coordinate group activities.

With a shortage of group study spaces available on campus, the Class of 2020 has the opportunity to meet that need by raising money through the Senior Class Challenge. Together we can provide an additional group study room in the UC Davis Library.

Why Give

Many of us don’t realize that only 8 percent of the UC Davis’ costs are covered by tuition. The remaining amount comes from a variety of sources that include state and federal funding and private donations.

Coming together is what us Aggies do best. Class of 2020, let’s celebrate our time at UC Davis by paying it forward for the next generations of Aggies. Join us to secure our legacy at Davis for years to come. Give $20.20 to the Senior Class Challenge and make the Class of 2020 the most generous yet.