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Victoria Choi


Victoria Choi is a third year English major with minors in Linguistics and Political Science. She loves being involved on campus and giving back to the community here at UC Davis. As a scholarship recipient and a member of Greek life, Victoria recognizes the importance of philanthropy on campus and the impact it has on students. Additionally, as one of the founding trustees and the current president of Aggies Helping Aggies, she looks forward to working with the foundation to raise awareness about giving in the upcoming school year!

Jeffrey Lee

Development Committee Chair

My name is Jeffrey, and I am a second year Sociology - Organizational Studies major. I decided to get involved with philanthropy because of my previous internship experiences at several nonprofits, whose stability and success depended on their quality of donor relations. Recognizing that many on-campus resources would not have been available for myself and other students if not for the generous support of donors, I hope to help educate peers on the impact of giving, while building transferable skills for my career.

Katrina Manrique

Development Committee Trustee

Katrina Manrique is a 5th year History and English major. Her interest in philanthropy stems from her experience in leading student organizations in need of sustainable funding such as the UC Davis Mental Health Initiative and the Student Mental Health Coalition. For Katrina, philanthropy and charitable giving does not only benefit the campus but also has a direct impact in supporting fellow UC Davis students who are doing important work within the community. Currently, Katrina has moved on to take broader leadership roles within the community and currently is one of the Development Trustees for the UC Davis Student Foundation.

Cece Thao

Development Committee Trustee:

As a transfer, it is hard to find organizations, clubs, and other groups to be a part of because of the minimal time that we have at UCD. So this is a great way for me to be more involved on campus, branch out, and get to know other people/students. Also finding professional connections that will help me in the long run. At first, I wasn't sure if this was going to help me achieve my goal of being a part of an organization. But after reflecting on the positives of this organization, it will not only help me build the connections that I seek such as meeting new people but it also helps me be a part of something bigger than myself, giving and helping.

Megan Ainley

Finance and Allocation Committee Trustee

I am a second year biology major at UC Davis. I have always been interested in philanthropy and helping people. Growing up as a biracial, bisexual woman, I have witnessed firsthand the need for philanthropy in our daily lives. Given all of the bad news that we hear every single day, I feel that it is even more important, because so many people are underprivileged in our current society and, because of that, I feel that we all have a duty to do our best to aid in any way that we can. It is why I am currently on the pre-med track at UC Davis, and why I am so interested in philanthropy and this organization.

Michelle Trinh

Finance and Allocation Committee Trustee

I'm Michelle and an incoming second year economics major at UC Davis! I'll be working as a trustee on the Finance and Allocation Committee, as I hope to work in finance or corporate treasury in the future. Although I haven't been a student here for long, I feel that I've been positively impacted by many of the donor-funded resources that are provided to students. I've always felt the need to give back to those who have helped me, so I believe philanthropy is a great way of showing gratitude. In the past, I actively volunteered at public events, libraries, and hospitals to help others in my community. With AHA, I'm looking forward to a more hands-on approach with helping fellow students.

Saahil Patel

Marketing and Stewardship Committee Chair

Hi there! I'm Saahil, a rising senior majoring in Managerial Economics and a minor in Technology Management & Public Health Sciences. Fun fact: I am a dancer and captained Davis' competitive Bollywood Fusion team from 2017-2019, leading us to win 1st at nationals! This past summer, I also interned at LinkedIn in SF and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I also love coffee, running, listening to music, and watching HIMYM. I joined AHA because when I started school in 2016, it was difficult for me to navigate my way through everything Davis had to offer. Despite all the resources available to me, I didn't know where to go or start. I want to make sure no freshmen ever has to go through that state of confusion like I did. As a senior graduating in 2020, I want to spend my last year giving back to the Davis community that gave me everything and more. I'm excited to see what this year has to offer!=

Annoushqa Bobde

Marketing and Stewardship Committee Trustee

Annoushqa Bobde is a second year Mathematics major. She is closely engaged with the UC Davis community and participates in altruistic deeds for social welfare. In addition to working for the student foundation, she is a member of the International Undergraduate Student Committee and is on the marketing team at Bitproject. Additionally, she is a senate staffer and is an intern for the Hindi-Urdu department. Annoushqa has also analysed data collected from rural areas in India, given to her by the firm Ernst and Young, regarding mobile medical units and CT scans. While working with the student foundation, she hopes to spread positivity and help people in every possible way.