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Joining the AHA Board of Trustees is a great opportunity to work with the UC Davis’ Foundation Board, learn from UC Davis’ world-class fundraising team, and develop a culture of philanthropy on campus.

If you are a current UC Davis student who is looking for professional development, leadership experience, meaningful fellowship, and the opportunity to help students in need, please click below to complete the UC Davis Student Foundation Trustee Application!

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Staff Advisors

Jenni Dingeldein

Jenni Dingeldein 06’ has held a variety of positions in the nonprofit sector delivering on everything from program development to revenue generation. In her 15 years of fundraising experience, she has generated $500,000+ gifts, secured corporate sponsorships, and implemented workplace giving programs. She also has experience in event coordination, board supervision, leading teams of people, and budget management. Her educational background includes an M.S. in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco, and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California at Davis. When she isn't busy showing her Aggie Pride, Jenni enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, daughter, and their 12-year old fur child.

Korinne Labourdette

Korinne is a 2018 graduate of UC Davis with a major in Psychology and minor in Communications. She has held various positions in marketing, advertising, and events within the private sector. Korinne completed a marketing and events internship while attending UC Davis and never looked back on the industry. Currently, she is the program specialist for the Annual and Special Gifts unit within DEVAR and assists with many different programs including Aggies Helping Aggies, Employee Giving, Davis Chancellor's Club, and Parent Fellows. If you are ever in need of a marketing question or help with strategy (especially social media), she is here for you!


Shannon Yi

Shannon is a third year Food Science major that joined Aggies Helping Aggies in Spring of 2021. In her first year at Davis, she was on the lookout for extracurriculars involving leadership and giving back to the community. She assists with managing the social media accounts and immerses herself into the culture of philanthropy. When not working on projects related to the Marketing Committee, she loves to cook, dance, and translate.

Committee Chairs

Jassan Dhami (Marketing and Stewardship Committee)

Jassan is a third-year transfer student from the Bay Area. He is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at UC Davis. He is part of the Marketing and Stewardship committee for Aggies Helping Aggies. He was eager to join the organization as soon as he heard about it. He is part of an immigrant family that moved to the United States from India, so he understands what it is like for students to have financial burdens. He believes in helping other students meet their financial needs so they can focus on what really matters! Jassan enjoys playing basketball, cooking, as well as meeting new people. He hopes to get a job in the medical field with his programming knowledge in order to hopefully make a massive impact.

Lauren Yi (Development Committee)

Lauren has been a member of AHA since Fall 2021. Ever since she had an interest in giving and philanthropy, she decided to do some research about the programs like that on the UCD campus. Also through her twin sister, she has found out about this organization and has also promoted the committee to others. She is thankful that the development committee has opened up doors for her to be more professionally prepared for other internships, as well as getting to meet more people. Her interests are primarily in the education of children and how to accommodate their academic needs during the pandemic.

Chelan Tolentino (Finance and Allocation Committee)

Chelan is a third year Managerial Economics major and joined Aggies Helping Aggies in Spring of 2021. While on the lookout for extracurriculars on campus, she came across Aggies Helping Aggies, which sparked her interest in philanthropy and helping her fellow students through their journey. She joined the Finance and Allocation Committee to help award students who apply for the Student Emergency Relief Aid award. In her free time, she likes to watch scary movies, spend time with friends and family, and search for Cheeto.


Development Committee

Julia Miller

Julia is a second-year Human Development major and joined Aggies Helping Aggies as a Development Student Trustee in winter 2023 to get involved with campus philanthropy. Through AHA and her work in ASUCD, she has been able to pursue her passion of helping UC Davis students thrive. In her free time, Julia enjoys cooking, surfing, hiking, and playing board games, and plans on pursuing a career in public health after graduation.

Joyce Kim

Joyce is a first year Sociology-Organizational Studies major. She joined Aggies Helping Aggies in her first year and has then been a part of the development committee as the tabling director. Joyce is excited to promote philanthropic values and create tangible change on campus. One of her main goals in joining Aggies Helping Aggies is working collaboratively with peers in order to strive towards a greater mission of empowerment. In her free time, she enjoys songwriting, listening to music, and reading.

Marketing and Stewardship Committee

Shannon Ikemiya

Shannon Ikemiya is a first-year communications major, and part of the Marketing and Stewardship committee this year for Aggies Helping Aggies. She is originally from Carmel, CA, where she grew up with her two younger sisters, mom, and dad. Her hobbies include making art, graphic design, golf, and community service. She is also involved in the Japanese American Student Society here at UC Davis. She joined Aggies Helping Aggies because she wanted to give back to the UC Davis community. She strongly believes in the importance of philanthropy, and wanted to be involved during my time as a student. She is also passionate about graphic design, so being on the Marketing and Stewardship committee allows her to fulfill her passion and be in a line of work that matches my major.

Allauna Carter

Alaunna is a third year Food Science major at UC Davis. She is a part of the Marketing and Stewardship Committee in Aggies Helping Aggies. Allaunna heard of Aggies Helping Aggies through her friend Shannon, and chose to join AHA because she wanted to be a part of something that could help the students thrive during their time attending UC Davis. Aggies Helping Aggies has helped Allaunna a lot not only by providing resources, but by showing her who she helps impact through AHA. Her hobbies include hiking, going for walks, listening to music, attempting to do art, spending time with animals or her family, and eating food. Allaunna’s future goal with her major is to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Food Science. She plans to return to school after a year or two off to achieve a PhD in Microbiology and hopes to have a Food Science job that focuses on researching how to reuse food waste from the food industry to grow crops. Allaunna also has plans to save up money to travel to Europe or Asia.

Finance and Allocation Committee

Samantha Orozco

Sam is a second-year Managerial Economics major with a double minor in Accounting and Psychology. In their free time they like to crochet, play sports, and read. The reason they joined AHA was to get experience with budgeting and understanding how to best distribute money in order to help more people who are experiencing financial instability.

Jamie Serrano

Jamie is a third-year human biology major. She is also a member of the UCD book club and spends most of her free time reading. She also enjoys drawing, falling down Wikipedia spirals at 3AM, and visiting her friend’s cat. She was introduced to Aggies Helping Aggies by a close friend and joined because she has always felt a strong call to help others however she can, and AHA gave her an opportunity to express that.

Bailey Sokol

Bailey is a political science and economics double major. She is from Mammoth Lakes, California. She likes to ski for DASS, work out, and play on the Women's Rogue Ultimate Frisbee team at UC Davis. She loves being outdoors and being able to explore nature. She joined Aggies Helping Aggies to give back to her fellow students as well as to further her knowledge in her future career path. She wanted to find a way to give back to her community while also being able to get experience within the field of economics and finance.

Anna Irwin

Anna is a second-year cell biology major and joined Aggies Helping Aggies in the Fall of 2021. Her interest in philanthropy developed in high school where she began volunteering with local organizations to help promote the community’s well being. Watching the pandemic impact her friends, family, coworkers, and classmates further inspired her to get involved in philanthropy on-campus. In her free time, Anna likes to do puzzles, make music, and tutor younger students.